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Ist Combin sicher für mein Instagram-Konto??

Combin’s security is based on three factors: the way Combin processes information, the way user utilizes Combin, and the conditions provided by Instagram at a given moment.

Combin provides secure login into user account, supporting two-factor authentication and using the password only to obtain an access token from Instagram, without storing or sharing personal information with third parties. The application sends requests for information obtainment and action performance in strict accordance with the individual hourly and daily activity limits of each connected account.

Although Combin is set up to perform actions safely, the time intervals between actions can be adjusted by the user (by changing the intensity in the settings), along with many other conditions, which subsequently affect safety. Unlike most other Instagram marketing services that automate everything for users, Combin doesn’t perform any unsolicited actions on users’ behalf, and provides users with the freedom to choose who to interact with, what actions to take and what to say in the comments left through the application.

In order to ensure security, users must utilize Combin functionality with caution. Growing the audience with outdated "robotic" strategies (follow-unfollow), using actions aggressively (frequent assignment of multiple tasks to thousands of actions, especially with Risky intensity) and sending spam-like comments (requests to visit a site or profile, one-word compliments, sets of emoji) can have ominous effects that Combin cannot prevent or control.

Instagram, on the other hand, prohibits activity automation. It regularly introduces new rules, algorithms and restrictions aimed at eliminating the automation. Depending on the complexity of the next changes, Combin team may need time to adapt the application. Combin is not responsible for force majeure circumstances created by Instagram and their consequences.

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