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Can my Instagram account be banned because of Combin?

Many Instagram growing tools on the market put users to risk of being banned. Learn about Instagram activity limits and how Combin protects your Instagram account from reaching them.

The main reasons why an Instagram account can be blocked are use of bots and abuse of Instagram activity limits.

Combin is aimed to grow Instagram audience organically, without involvement of fake accounts and doesn’t perform any unsolicited actions on your behalf. Combin users use the application to search their targeted audience by relevant keywords and among followers and commenters of similar accounts. Users choose who to interact with and how to do it themselves. All received feedback is genuine and depends on the precision of your own search and activity.

Combin performs actions accordingly to the hourly and daily action limits of Instagram. If the number of the actions you scheduled is over the limit, they will be automatically added to queue and processed only when Instagram allows them to.

Please do not leave comments containing the same text (including emoji) to numerous posts, it gives off spammy look and could put your account under the risk of being suspended. We recommend using in-app comment templates for mass-commenting. Combin posts multiple comments randomly and allows filtering out posts and users you already commented.

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