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What are action limits?

There are two types of action limits - the limits set by Instagram and the limit of daily Combin in-app actions. Instagram action limits control how many following, unfollowing, liking, and commenting actions are allowed to be performed hourly and daily for each Instagram user in order to protect the community and platform from spam and any other suspicious activity. Contrary to popular belief, there is no particular number of allowed actions that fit all. Instagram action limits are individual, and such factors as a registration date, a number of followers, and an average activity rate are critical.

Combin daily action limits are 1500 following, 1500 liking, and 1500 commenting actions a day for each added Instagram account. These numbers may not necessarily be reached daily and are given for informational purposes. The amount of daily in-app interaction limits is 1500 only on Personal and Business subscription plans, and is smaller on a free version of Combin.

The application works accordingly to your own daily and hourly action limits, performing the actions you set only as long as it has access by Instagram. As soon as your Instagram limits are reached, Instagram stops providing the access and the unfinished tasks you scheduled through Combin are immediately put into pending. Combin displays ‘Waiting for Instagram callback’ message for such tasks.

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