User-Generated Content Finder for Instagram


何ですか Combin?

Combin is a platform for user-generated content discovery on Instagram. Explore and export Instagram posts about your brand. Find user-created Instagram content tagged under branded hashtags and within locations relevant to your business. Connect with content creators in-app to request permission to legally repost UGC on Instagram.


Discover User-Generated Content on Instagram

Search the user-created content under your branded hashtags. Target relevant geo locations and places, like your district and physical store. Combine multiple Instagram hashtags, locations, hashtags + locations for precise content search results and time saving.

Find and Engage UGC Creators on Instagram

Inform the creators of Instagram content about your brand and product. Express your appreciation for them boosting your brand. Determine the most active and loyal members of your Instagram audience and invite them to become the brand ambassadors, or influencers.

Define and Analyze Your Instagram Followers

Learn about the lifestyle and interests of your customers using the in-app Instagram profile preview. Use the advanced analysis feature to filter out irrelevant Instagram accounts. Determine the dominant gender of your audience and the languages it speaks.

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Discover user-generated content with Combin today

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Combin Schedulerは、Mac、Windows、またはLinuxのみで使用できます。 後でダウンロードすることを忘れないように通知を設定してください!