Ever since Instagram has appeared in 2010, it has gone a long way from a small photo-editing and –sharing app to one of the most popular applications with millions of users and huge traffic. The fact that huge businesses along with young brands successfully use it as a consistent promotion platform comes as no surprise.

However, success requires investment of time and energy, thinking over strategies, and taking hundreds of things into account. One of such things is establishing cohesive aesthetic to attract more potential customers. We want to point out the main rules to making your Instagram profile look cohesive and appealing to the audience.

  1. Figure out your brand’s identity

Spending your precious time and creativity on leveling up an aesthetic game of your Instagram only worth it, if you have a cleancut identity and a message for the world and your customers in particular. What is the story you want to tell? What is your brand’s motto? What makes your approach and product different from others in your field?

If you look at Instagram accounts of worldwide known brands, like Monster Energy’s one or RedBull’s, one glance is enough to get their message — one sip of their drinks and you are loaded with enough energy to climb mountains and jump from one cliff to another on a motorbike. Their feeds are filled with professionally shot photos of extreme sports. As for fashion brands, Herschel is a good example of displaying not only beautifully designed clothes of high quality, but also prioritizing that their clothing is fit for people from any corner of the planet, as well as brand’s laid back attitude, willingness to explore the world, and inspiring their audience to dare to do the same.

Put the message your brand carries to the profile’s information and make all photos and videos you upload convey it!

2. Determine target market

In order to attract new customers and keep the current ones interested and loyal, you need to think of their needs, along with particular things they love about your brand. You can take an account of makeup brand Urban Decay as an example how one can cater to their audience by featuring huge makeup YouTubers like NikkieTutorials and posting swatches of trendy color shades, while staying true to the brand, showing off classic neon violet and metallic nude colors of eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks.

3. Pick particular color scheme

In order to make your Instagram feed look cohesive, you need to decide on a photo filter, color scheme, and a distinct feel or vibe to your shots. Are bold and bright colors more suitable? Or muted pastel shades are more of your thing? The earlier you choose your editing technique, the better. Remember, consistency is the key — it doesn’t mean that you have to post everything only in one color, but when you decide to change the mood with the new collection or just to shake things up a little bit, take Kat Von D’s makeup brand gradual approach to it as an example. She manages to keep her unique style, while slowly changing main colors of the posts from burgundy to muted tones of orange and yellow:

Adidas’ Instagram feed is a heaven of diluted tones and overall minimalistic aesthetic:

4. Be consistent with cropping

We recommend keeping things simple and not experimenting too much with photo cropping as it may turn out looking messy, ruining a compilation of even the most stunning shots. Uploading standard square-shaped photos is more than enough if they compliment each other. However, if you really want to make your Instagram feed look different, create some rules. For instance, you may follow Shiseido’s example and crop or turn the second picture of every other trine the contrasting way with the other two shots:

5. Display relatable or inspiring story in each post

Create emotional connection with your followers — share your stories and thoughts with them. It’s important to not only make the brand’s social media look appealing and informative, but also to escape giving off an impression that you only want to sell your audience something. Putting effort into writing compelling narratives under your photos and videos grants engagement and loyalty of your customers, don’t overlook this opportunity!

Overall, investing into making your brand’s Instagram account being an absolute must-follow is, without a doubt, time consuming, with all the things you have to take into account from Instagram activity limits to an aesthetic importance. Save yourself some time and hand over interacting with your target audience to InstaHeads, while you work on giving a tasteful consistent feel to your Instagram board!