Instagram's native editing opportunities are limited, especially when it comes to photo content, so we've taken the liberty of gathering useful Instagram apps to create dashing visuals on Instagram. With these applications, you'll be sure your visual content is consistent, convincing, and conveys the exact message your business tries to deliver with social media marketing.

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In this piece, we'll talk about the best Instagram apps for images, videos and Reels, stories, fonts, and grid styling. Here we won't mention apps like Snapseed, VSCO, Canva, or Lightroom – these you already know and use. Rather, we'll talk about uncommon apps you probably never heard of.

Best Instagram Apps for Photos and Images

Although Instagram launches new features and pushes into video content, it still remains the primary photo-focused social media platform. And since attractive images are a must, grab these apps that will aid you in editing appealing photo content on Instagram.



Picsart is a handy mobile photoshop. This free photo and video editor helps you bring your best creative ideas to life. Collage creation, tons of stickers to choose from, background change, multiple filters, stylish fonts, and retouching for selfies are just a few available features. Available for iOS and Android.

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This is an award-winning photo editor and graphic design app that'd help you easily create beautiful photos, professional designs, and stunning collage art. Bazaart is a versatile tool for any design you can possibly imagine: stories, logos, flyers, posters, collages, memes, stop motion videos, GIFs, stickers, and more. No design experience is required to use the tool.


An absolute must-have for aspiring and seasoned designers alike. Though professional designers primarily use the tool, it's super easy to master its intuitive interface and comprehensible features. In Figma, you can create literally anything you wish when it comes to graphic design.


This application is your choice if you want to animate photos and objects in a photo, add special effects and filters, and create amazing GIFs. Available for iOS and Android.


This application you should opt for if you want to create complex graphics. With PhotoRoom, you can cut out images, change the background, adjust lighting, add texts, logos, stickers, and create collages. What makes PhotoRoom unique is that the application edits objects, not pixels.


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Photo Compare

How many times you have struggled with choosing the best photo to post on Instagram? With this app, you will no longer. PhotoCompare helps you select the best shot by comparing them. You can compare images before or after processing or compare different versions of captured photos. Available for iOS and Android.


This is an AI-powered tool for creating moving images. You can revive any portrait photo with artificial intelligence, make it move, sing, or speak. You can also add animated effects. Available for Web, iOS, and Android.


Unlimited creativity combined with an intuitive interface is what this app is about. Working with layers, special effects, film textures, gradients, brushes, filters, quick retouching, colour correction, and much more - all these allow you to create fantastic visuals. Available for iOS.


This is a web application for selecting the colour palette of your account. It defines the main colour of your profile, so you can stick to the right hues when editing your grid.

Best Instagram Apps for Videos and Reels

Plays: Animation Design Kit

The app allows you to find the talent of a motion designer. With Plays, you can create stunning animations for your projects in minutes. With professionally produced presets and styles, this powerful motion design tool makes it easy to create appealing content that will grab attention and stand out.

Slow Shutter Cam

This is an application that can replace a digital SLR camera. The main feature is a camera with a slow shutter allowing you to apply various effects when shooting. Available for iOS.

Life Lapse

This is a combo of a camera with the ability to create a frame-by-frame video and a video editor that allows you to stitch videos and photos, apply filters, and adjust the display size. No tripod is required to align images while shooting. Available for iOS and Android.

Dolly Zoom

A mobile camera for creating a video with the vertigo effect, a cinematic Dolly Zoom special effect that has not previously been available without special equipment. You can shoot an object while zooming in or out without changing the object's size. The zoom function allows you to shoot at a considerable distance from the object. Available for iOS and Android.


An application that allows you to easily mix professional colour grading filters with authentic film textures, lighting effects, and subtle distortions. You can align clips with spectacular transitions, add parts from movies or music, and upload your own audio files. Available for iOS and Android.


A tool to create a kaleidoscope effect on photos and videos. Exclusive filters help you create 3D-like videos with specular reflections, broken glass, and other eye-catching effects. Available for iOS and Android.


Vochi is a video editor for creative video processing. The peculiarity of the tool is that you can apply effects to single objects. The use of AI technologies allows even a beginner to get the most out of the app's functionality. Just select the moment, an object, and apply the effect.

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Application for adding subtitles and closed captioning to videos. You can choose the format and font of subtitles and automatically transcribe your videos to get accurate, elegant video captions. Available for iOS and Android.

Dazz Cam

A vintage camera for creating realistic film shots with the effect of a retro 80s film camera. Videos with this effect applied don't require post-editing. Available for iOS and Android.


Splice provides the functionality of pro-level editing optimised for your mobile device. Just a few taps are enough to trim clips, add music, adjust speed, and create eye-catching movies and slideshows. The tool stores the library of 400+ songs, enables you to add titles and text overlays, and a lot more.

Best Instagram Apps for Custom Fonts and Captions

Combin Scheduler

Combin Scheduler is a desktop Instagram content planner which allows you to plan and post Instagram posts and stories, repost Instagram content, tag other users in posts, add a clickable link in bio, and manage up to 15 accounts. In addition to all of the above, you can also pick custom Instagram fonts and use them in your captions.


Mott animates text, allows you to use preinstalled designer fonts or upload your own ones. You can animate a text within the app or apply a 3D effect.


This is an application for adding a text to photos and videos. You can animate it, change the colour and background of fonts, and use various special effects for captions.

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Best Instagram Apps for Stories


A toolkit for storytellers with elegant presets and over 400 templates. Various special effects, filters, and unique fonts are also available. Additionally, it allows you to plan your Instagram feed and create multiple links in bio.


A simple video editor to create stories from animated templates. You can add a text by selecting the appropriate style. Available for iOS and Android.


A tool for adding music to stories. Choose any track from the extensive music library, use sound effects or upload your own audio recordings. You can also create slideshows and loops from your photos. Available for iOS and Android.

Best Instagram Apps for Feed Curation and Grid Styling

Combin Scheduler

A desktop tool Combin Scheduler allows you to curate a stylish Instagram profile with a solid visual voice that attracts new followers like a magnet. You can also preview what your future posts would look like together in the in-app calendar and change its look with a simple drag-and-drop feature.


A straightforward feed planner that lets you add any photo and drag it from place to place to achieve a harmonious combination. Within the app, you can also edit photos to bring them to a single style. Available for iOS and Android.


A feed planner that you can sync with Instagram. You can plan a feed, edit images, add filters, and create collages from selected feeds. Available for iOS and Android.