While Instagram filters won't make a bad photo seem really professional, they can certainly make your best shots shine. The right filter can add style and flair to your Instagram stories and posts. A filter has the power to completely alter the mood of a photo and can significantly boost likes and comments, especially if Instagram plays a role in your income.

Sometimes, all it takes is the right filter to make a subtle photo feel artistic or even hide a bad hair or skin day. What is more, the other users may see your posts on the Effects page! You'll find the ultimate Instagram filters for your stories and reels right here in this article.

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Where to Find Instagram Filters?

You can find Instagram filters and effects in several places within the Instagram app.

Open Instagram Camera

Head over to the Instagram app and swipe right from your feed to access the Instagram camera. At the bottom of the screen, you'll see various icons representing different effects and features. You can tap on these icons to explore and apply filters and effects in real-time as you take photos or record videos.

While in the Instagram camera, you can also tap the "Browse Effects" option at the bottom to access the Effects Gallery. Here, you can explore a wide range of filters and effects, search for specific effects, or browse through popular and trending ones. That is also where you can find all the effects mentioned in this article!

Follow Creators

Many Instagram users are skilled in photography and editing and create their own unique filters and effects. You can follow these creators, and they often provide access to their custom filters and effects for you to use. You may also see effects made by the other Instagram users that your favourite insta bloggers like and use – they are mentioned in the stories that they post at the top of the screen right under their username.

Best Instagram Filters for Selfies

NO FILTER FILTER by alexandra_rmh

This filter is all about embracing the natural and unfiltered beauty of your photos. It does not apply any color corrections, gradients, or visual effects, allowing your original image to shine through without any alterations for your casual stories or posts. Instead of adding color enhancements, overlays, or special effects to your photos, this filter takes a minimalist and refreshing approach.

Moody by marianna_hewitt

It is a highly popular Instagram filter that can bring a distinct mood and atmosphere to photos. It adds graininess to the photo, makes the shades cooler, and smooths the picture slightly. The result is a rich and dramatic aesthetic, which adds depth, contrast, and a sense of mystery to your images. Great for old-money looks!

Banana by basphi

This filter makes your shot black and white and adds an artistic, almost pencil-like, yellow overlay to your face with some variations that change like animation. Very bold and crisp, the yellow overlay adds a striking and vibrant contrast against the black and white background. An excellent choice for those looking to infuse their photos with a unique and artistic flair. It can turn ordinary selfies or portraits into visually engaging and attention-grabbing pieces of digital art!

Cali Glam by jademunster

Instagram filter that beams a glamorous and sunny vibe. This filter can enhance the overall look of photos, giving them a polished and radiant appearance and enriching photos with warm tones. The filter improves skin tones, adds a healthy and glowing complexion, smoothes out imperfections, and provides a flawless and capturing look.

Summer by blondinochkavika

This marvelous filter enhances photos with warm tones, vibrant colors, and a bright, inviting atmosphere. Apart from that, it adds some strawberry-colored blush to your cheeks and a fake eyelash effect to the outer corners of your eyes and also plumps up your lips. What is more, this filter makes your skin look glowing and flawless!

Best Instagram Filters for Landscapes and Object Shooting

WB02 by inaszahari

This filter shifts the color balance towards cooler and bluish tones. It can create a serene and calming atmosphere in your photos, making them appear cooler and more visually appealing. It also adds the grain effect and provides a vintage and film-like quality to the image, giving it a touch of nostalgia and character. Awesome to capture historical places on holidays!

DARK SHADE by felvelial

Do you like dark aesthetics? Maybe you are looking to create a Harry Potter-like atmosphere? This is the right effect for your scenery shots! This Instagram filter is designed to create a visually captivating and dramatic effect in your photos. It adds depth, moodiness, and a sense of mystery to your images, making them stand out with a bold and artistic flair. It masterfully combines elements of mystery and nostalgia to create a truly unique visual experience.

NICE COLOURS by enuriru

Looking for a delightful and refreshing Instagram filter with a light and pleasant aesthetic? This one is just for you! It creates the visual appeal of your images by infusing them with soft and harmonious color tones, creating a soothing and inviting atmosphere. This filter is suitable for a wide range of photo genres. It works beautifully for outdoor scenes, portraits, travel shots, and subject shooting.

Mono by ya.molli

This filter goes beyond traditional monochrome filters by selectively erasing blues, purples, and greens while emphasizing cool oranges, browns, and grays. This selective approach results in a visually captivating and artistic effect. The filter maintains and enhances contrast in your photos, making light areas appear brighter and dark areas appear deeper. You can apply this filter to various types of photos, from portraits and landscapes to architectural details and still life. It's particularly effective when you want to emphasize texture, form, and the interplay of light and shadow.

Minimalis by nadianraulya

As it goes from its name, this filter embraces a clean and minimalist aesthetic, focusing on the essential elements in your photos. It simplifies complex compositions, creating a sense of visual purity. The filter's fogginess gives your photos an ethereal, dreamy, and vintage look, as well as an artistic atmosphere. "Minimalis" is suitable for various photo genres, such as minimalist architecture and interior shots, highlighting their simplicity.

90's style by tedaoll

A marvelous nostalgia-inducing Instagram filter that transports your photos back to the iconic era of the 1990s with a distinctive VHS-inspired aesthetic. It captures the essence of the 90s with its retro color palette, grain, and signature blue hues. Looks like you have found your old family camera!

Best Instagram Filters & Effects: Wrapping Up

Hopefully, this article has inspired you to try these filters and possibly add them to your favorites! As trends continue to evolve and new filters emerge, stay curious and open to exploration.

Thank you for joining us on this journey through the best Instagram filters to try in 2023. We look forward to seeing your beautifully filtered posts and stories lighting up our feeds. Happy posting!