Combin 1.8.0 version is a new major update that presents a variety of exciting changes and improvements!

This release extends the premium options, bringing the much-anticipated activity statistics feature, the ability to simultaneously manage up to 15 accounts and receive up to 1000 results for all types of searches.

We refined UI and UX, improved stability, fixed the annoying login issue and resolved a handful of small problems to ensure stable and enjoyable work with the update.

Please note that the abilities described below are exclusively available for Combin Personal and Business subscribers.


Activity statistics is located at the separate Stats tab within Combin:

Click on Stats to see your Instagram growth

Once opened, the tab’s window shows two sections: the top section displays the activity user’s account received, the bottom one displays the activity outcoming from user’s account:

Various graphics in both sections are given to track the audience growth and user activity flow at different time periods.

User may learn specific amount of likes, comments and follows that were left or gained, upon hovering the cursor over the activity graphs:

The time period for which the information is displayed can be changed in the upper right corner of the tab:

10–15 accounts management

Previously Combin could only handle up to 5 accounts simultaneously connected from one computer.

There are 2 new multiple accounts managements options available since 1.8.0 version release: Business plan subscribers can upgrade to manage up to either 10 or 15 accounts.

The price is as follows:
10 accounts — 45 USD/EUR without tax
15 accounts — 60 USD/EUR without tax

Users may acquire new Business plan options on the upgrade page or from the application directly at the Profile tab > Business plan button > Available accounts > Get more accounts. Or simply follow this link:

Search by Likers

In addition to the options of searching by competitors’ (or any other public Instagram accounts, including your own) followers, followings, and commenters, Combin now allows searching likers!

Open the Search tab, select the Users category and pick ‘Likers’ from the drop-down menu of the Search By options.

Set your query, specify the amount of search results and hit the Find button to see Instagram users that left likes to the account of question.

Search likers of your account and its competitors and engage them by following, liking and commenting to attract attention of potential followers and establish loyal relationship with your current audience.

1000 search results

Search results options of 50, 100 and 500 items are now extended with a 1000 results option.

Not only that, since 1.8.0 version, the application also allows adjusting the amount of further search results to be loaded each update:

  • Depending on the query, search results may contain thousands, if not millions of items (user profiles or posts) in total. This amount of data is difficult to obtain and load during one session. Moreover, it may cause sending out too many requests to Instagram, which affects the overall activity limits amount for the account.

Due to these complications, search results within Combin are loaded in batches of 50, 100, 500 and now 1000 items. Premium application version allows loading unlimited amount of new batches for each search query.

Combin subscribers can now change the number of items to be loaded within the next batch (as shown on the screenshot above).

Update to Combin 1.8.0 version at the menu bar > Tools > Check for updates or download it for your Windows, Mac OS or Linux here.