The new version of Combin Growth is finally rolled out! Download the latest release or update within the app now.

In this release, we’ve got some fantastic features we can’t wait to tell you about. So let’s cut to the chase and have a look at each of them in detail.

Integration with Combin Scheduler

Now you can use Combin Scheduler and Combin Growth simultaneously. Find interesting posts in Combin Growth and repost them with Combin Scheduler in one click.

To repost an image found in Combin Growth, open the picture and find the repost badge at the bottom right corner of the post (next to the comment section). Press it, and the Repost window will appear.

All you need to do after is to create a caption, add hashtags, location and a link in bio to drive engagement. Then press “Create”, and the post will be published automatically at the time and date you’ve set.

If you want you to publish a new post, you can do this as well. Open your Profile section in Combin Growth, press the “Add New Post” button, and the New Publication window will be launched automatically. Then start creating a new Instagram publication.

Note that both of your apps have to be up-to-date.

Users’ ER display

In Combin Growth 2.5, you can analyse the ER of certain influencers or casual Instagram users searching them by bio and users’ list.

If you want to find out the ER of relevant influencers, add a new search, then head over to Users and select Bio. Type in any related keywords and press “Find”. Then sort the results by the Engagement Rate as shown on the screenshot above. The results will be sorted top-down.

If you need to check specific user(s)’ ER, start a new search, go to Users and select Users List, enter one or multiple usernames and start searching. Then again sort the results by ER.

Note that the Fast Search mode must be switched off.

Search by users’ posts

In this release, we added one more search-by parameter apart from hashtags and locations — search by a user’s posts. To find posts of a particular Instagrammer, open the Posts tab, choose Posts of User, start entering their Instagram username and press “Find”.

Once you’ve found the posts, start interacting with them like you’d normally do — like, comment or even repost!

Data migration crashes and downgrades protection

Combin Growth 2.5 warns you if any data migration error occurs.

Users will get this error if the migration fails. In this case, you can either downgrade to an older version or launch the app anew with the beforehand backed-up database. All the data will be reset.

If this error occurs, you need to update to the latest version of the software.

Install the new release now and take your Instagram marketing to the next level. For any questions or enquiries, text us here or get in touch with the support team

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