This summer has been fruitful for the Combin team, so we’re happy to share some good news with you. We’ve released the Combin 2.1 update, attended DMEXCO 2019 in Cologne, released our Instagram content planner — Combin Scheduler, and updated our website.

Combin Scheduler

Now, all Combin users and those who create content for Instagram on a regular basis can try Combin Scheduler for free.

What can our Scheduler do?

  • Plan posts and Stories for days, weeks, and months ahead.
  • Publish posts and Stories instantly.
  • Publish automatically without reminders. Just upload the images and select a publishing date.
  • Edit images size. Fit the images to the Instagram sizes using crop and zoom features.
  • Add tag locations. Choose a specific place while publishing to reach a larger audience with your content.
  • Mention hashtags and accounts. Tag other users and hashtags in captions right while planning the post.
  • Plan multiple Stories.
Plan your posts with Combin Scheduler

With Combin Scheduler, you can save the time planning your content in advance and style your Instagram feed with the in-app calendar.

Style your feed with Combin Scheduler

Combin Growth

We have updated our website, and now our users are able to visit two main product pages — Combin Growth and Combin Scheduler.

Combin Growth is an Instagram marketing tool for audience targeting, analysis, management, and engagement. The distinguishing feature of the app is that with advanced searching and targeting functions, Combin Growth lets find a relevant audience and engage with it.

Combin Growth allows to:

  • Analyze your daily, weekly, and monthly Instagram account statistics. Within the app, you can track the number of likes and comments you get in a window of time; see how many people followed and unfollowed you.
  • Use advanced Instagram search. Target the relevant audience searching by hashtags, locations, an account’s following, followers, likers, commenters, and bio.
  • Find relevant users with gender, language, and audience size targeting features. Use the demographic filters to search your target audience.
  • Analyze other users’ accounts. With Combin Growth, you’ll be able to identify and get rid of irrelevant and low-quality accounts like stores, celebrities, or spam accounts. Thus you’ll fit in the Instagram daily actions limits and will fruitfully engage with interested users.
  • Manage and export your audience. Unfollow those who don’t follow you back and avoid following them again. Export your users list to Excel.
  • Automatically engage with accounts. Comment, like, follow, or unfollow users in bulk. Create different comment templates to use them later.
  • Manage up to 15 Instagram accounts. Grow multiple accounts from one PC with the in-app proxy setup to ensure the safety of your accounts.

With the recently dropped Instagram daily actions limits, Combin Growth is adapting its algorithms and functions to combine advanced targeting features and automation smartly.

You can now try Combin Scheduler and Combin Growth for free.