The new Combin Growth is finally rolled out! Let’s walk through the updates of the release together.

Engagement Rate Display

Engagement rate is one of the most important parameters in social media marketing, and every marketer or a business owner needs to consider it before outreaching an influencer and collaborating with them.

Yet, tracking of your own ER is also essential because it lets you see if the account is alive and your content resonates with the audience.

Monitor your account’s engagement rate with Combin Growth

In Combin Growth 2.4, you can easily estimate your account ER. To do so, just log in with the required Instagram account and head over to Profile. The ER will be displayed next to your page data.

Sorting by Engagement Rate

Monitoring your own ER is not the only thing you can do within Combin Growth now. You can also sort your search results by ER. In terms of the search by User, this sorting is currently available for search by commenters, likers, followers, and followings of a particular user.

Hashtags and location search results can also be filtered by engagement rate, but only when advanced filters are applied.

Sorting by Followers/Following Ratio

In Combin Growth 2.4, you can now sort your posts search results by followers/following ratio. To activate this parameter, you need to perform an advanced search, i.e. apply any advanced filters like the language, gender, followers or followings count.

If the account has a high f/f ratio, it means this account is of good quality that doesn’t use mass-following as a promotion strategy.

Sorting by Virality

Another parameter that can help you estimate the quality of a user’s content is virality. If a post has lots of comments and likes, it means it resonated with the audience.

You can track this parameter in the new release of Combin Growth. Such sorting displays posts with the most engaged audience you can manually interact with.

But keep in mind that when interacting with the users, you should also consider the quality of these accounts and ignore spammers, mass likers, stores, celebrities and other irrelevant accounts that are not your target audience.

Improved Windows Displays Scaling

Some of our Windows users complained that Combin Growth looked rather small on Windows laptops, no sizing options were offered, and it was difficult to read even at full-screen.

Well, good news then! The issue has been fixed, and now you can enjoy better support of High-DPI displays.

You can update Combin Growth 2.4 now or download it on your Windows, Ubuntu, or macOS.