2021 has been a fruitful year, and we wanted to say thank you to a single one of you!

Thanks for reading our emails and blog, attending our webinars, and watching our TikToks 💜

But before we happily slide into 2022, we’d love you to live these happy moments with the Combin team again!

New Combin Scheduler Features

This year, we continued with developing our free Instagram content planning solution Combin Scheduler and added a couple of major and multiple minor improvements.

The two you liked the most were custom Instagram fonts and a Post Now option in Combin Scheduler.

With new fonts, you can make your Instagram posts stand out and look unique in the noisy mass of Instagram media.

Next year, we hope to give you more features and reasons to choose Combin Scheduler!

Instagram Masterclass Launch

We in Combin don't limit our useful content with webinars and blog! We decided to move forward and launch Instagram Marketing Masterclass to give you an opportunity to learn more about social media marketing.

More New Users - More Webinars for Newcomers

The Combin apps are growing, and more and more new users join us each day. If you’re with us for a little while, don’t worry - we won’t leave you behind!

This year, our Instagram marketing and Combin expert Ann hosted dozens of webinars for our new users explaining how to get the most out of our solutions.

If you missed them, make sure you follow us on Reddit to get the next webinar notification or check our website for updates.

10K Followers on TikTok

We’re relatively new on TikTok - we discovered this platform for us just at the end of the last year, but we are happy your share love on socials and help us grow our friendly Combin family on TikTok!

If you’re with us yet, click to watch and follow!


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P.S. you'll get a nice bonus of a 50% discount on the first payment when you visit our TikTok page 🎁

New Collaborations

In our blog and podcasts, we try to share with you the latest and the most insightful tips of the social media world. But we couldn’t do this alone without world-renowned marketing and business experts.

This is why we partner with influencers, business owners, and marketers who happily share their expertise with you.

Check our recent blog posts and podcast episodes to learn more!

We couldn’t have been there without you, so thanks again for supporting us throughout this year! We hope the coming year will be eventful for you and your business bringing you more sales and conversions!

Happy New Year and see you in 2022!