This year has been rather tough for businesses, entrepreneurs, influencers and brands. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many brands had to think outside the box and come up with new ways to stay afloat.

Hopefully, you were not among them, and even if you were, Combin tools were always there to help you!

As 2020 is about to end, we look into the bright future and want to share with you great moments we managed to have this year:

Free Combin Scheduler

This year, we were happy to announce that our easy and useful content planner for Instagram is completely free for anyone. Starting with the release of the Combin Scheduler application version 1.5, all features previously available exclusively to subscribed users are made FREE for everybody.

So now, with Combin Scheduler, you can plan Instagram posts and even stories absolutely free of charge and unconditionally.

We also added new features to Combin Scheduler, such as link in bio and reposts.

Many Combin Growth Updates

Our flagship solution for Instagram marketing Combin Growth was not an exception, either. This year, the app faced many updates and cool features, such as ER display and sorting by engagement rate, integration with Combin Scheduler, sorting by virality, mass story viewing, and more!

InstaCheck Audit for Instagram

The Combin team has rolled out the InstaCheck audit, exclusive recommendations for each user on how to improve their Instagram account.

If you want to grow your Instagram page, either personal or a business one, and figure out your perks and flaws, all you need to do first is to apply for the audit on our website.

Then you fill in the form and wait for your individual report to get back to you. That simple!

You get the full analysis of your Instagram username, bio, profile photo, aesthetics, branding, content, and engagement with recommendations on what you should change or improve.

Combin on TikTok

TikTok is absolutely gaining momentum in the last couple of years, so we could not resist and joined the TikTok game! So far, we have over 100 videos and almost 3,000 followers.

Adorable!! #marketerosrntiktok #onlinemarketing #freelancer #targetaudience
✨ Instagram tips and tricks ✨ (@combinapp) has created a short video on TikTok with music drivers license. | Adorable!! #marketerosrntiktok #onlinemarketing #freelancer #targetaudience | Know the needs of your target audience in seconds!!

On our TikTok, we share our best social media tips, tricks and hacks! Give us a warm welcome and FOLLOW Combin on TikTok for more!

A bit more numbers from 2020

  • We hosted 61 webinars — 21 webinars for newcomers and 40 workshops focused on social media!
  • We had 24 podcasts with amazing and inspiring guests from the marketing and business industries.
  • We and our insightful guest writers made 68 blog posts.
  • We were featured in 150 outlets, including Smart Digital Marketing, Tom’s Guide, SoftwareTestingHelp, MarTechToday and more!

Hope the approaching 2021 will be even more productive.

And in the meantime, the Combin team wishes you a great year full of new loyal customers, growing conversions, and increasing sales! Happy New Year!