Over the years of Combin’s existence, we’ve received a lot of feedback and ideas on how else we can help Instagram marketers. The scheduling and publishing of Instagram posts was one of the leading requests from thousands of users. Marketing agencies, media companies and other large organizations often need to publish thousands of posts per month, which is almost impossible to do manually, while small businesses and individuals could use aid with regular publishing to free up time for other promotional activities.

We decided to create Combin Scheduler to help users organize their content delivery and save precious time. It was in the making for a hot minute, and now we are happy to announce that the official release of the Scheduler beta version is ready!

We kept the familiar intuitive and minimalistic design of Combin, and added the most important functionality for a scheduler — Instagram posts and Stories planning.

Posts planning allows selecting an images for post, writing captions, tagging locations. The ability to change the link in user profile’s bio simultaneously with a post’s publication is also to be expected in the future application updates.

Stories planning allows selecting several images to plan multiple Stories publishing in one go.

Download the beta version of Combin Scheduler to start planning your Instagram content. Available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Feel free to share your thoughts, suggestions and ideas to help us improve the application. Use the in-app form (menu bar > Help > Leave feedback) or forward your feedback directly to support@combin.com.