Earlier this week, the Combin Development Team released an updated and improved version of Combin Scheduler, our Instagram content planning tool.

We are happy to announce that new Combin Scheduler is waiting to be downloaded!

But first, let us introduce all the fresh features designed to make your content planning experience even more convenient.

A long-awaited feature is now implemented. Now, when planning your posts and Stories, you can also add a link in bio to enhance your website traffic and sales.

To do so, open Combin Scheduler, start planning your post and insert the link to the landing page.

Yes, that simple.

Add custom link in bio to your posts to drive your website traffic

And the Link in Bio function is not limited by posts only. You can also add the link while planning your Stories!

The course of actions is the same: choose Stories tab, press Add New Story, select images and add the required link.

After your Story is uploaded, the link will appear in your bio.

Add link in bio when planning your Stories

User tagging

This feature is available for Personal and Business subscription plans.

If you want to mention other users to draw their attention to your page, you can easily do so within Combin Scheduler. When planning your next publication, select the required image and edit it if needed.

At the bottom right corner, you’ll see the Tag Users button. Press it and start mentioning people with a well-known @-sign.

Tag other users to draw their attention

Scheduled Stories editing

Now, you can edit your Stories even after you schedule them for publication. To do so, just open Stories tab in the calendar, tap on a Story, and you’ll see the window where you can resize, rotate, replace, or delete the image.

Edit the Stories you’ve already scheduled

With this feature, your Stories will look exactly as you edited them — uncropped and with a proper ratio supported by Instagram.

Posts and Stories calendar scheduling

With this feature, you don’t need to press Add New Post or Add New Story button all the time. Now, you can schedule your content right within the weekly calendar.

To do so, open the calendar window and hover the cursor on a required day. You’ll see the + sign at the specific field.

Plan your content on the exact date

Tap on the field, and the planning window will appear. After this, just schedule the content like you normally do: select an image and a publishing date, add location, a link in bio, hashtags, and tag other users if you feel like. The same goes for Stories.

In-Bulk Stories uploading

This feature allows you to select a handful of images on your computer and upload them for scheduling all at once.

Select several images and schedule them for publication

Save your time by uploading multiple of Stories in one click.

Suggestion of previously used locations

If you use the same location tag or a specific pack of places to tag your post, you will appreciate this function.

Now, Combin Scheduler suggests you locations that you have used earlier to plan your content.

Choose a location from the list

So next time, when scheduling your new publication, you can save your time by choosing the location tag you often use.

Sound notification

Now, Combin Scheduler notifies you once your post or Story has been published or if the publishing failed. You can see the notifications at the bottom left corner of the app.

Enable sound notifs and know if your posts were published or something went wrong

Clickable published posts

To see how your content looks on Instagram, you can now tap on any of your published posts, and you will be redirected to your post on the native app.

Track how your posts look on Instagram

Make your Instagram content planning easier with Combin Scheduler and download the app right away! The app is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

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