We are happy to present an updated Combin tool!

Combin team would like to thank you for using the application and helping to make it better with each update. We looked into your feedback and improved the application accordingly, adding new helpful abilities from us.

We are convinced this 1.3 version has a lot of new in stock to delight you with:

New Commenting System

Сreate your own comment templates to send multiple different comments at once. A variety of comments increase the effectiveness and make the process more realistic.

Safe list

Now you can create a list of users that will always be saved, cannot be unfollowed by mistake when performing mass unfollowing actions.

Improvements in History Section

Now you can see how many tasks were done, get helpful advices, information and hints about the Instagram API limits on pending status.

New languages added

German and Russian users can now use Combin in their native languages!

We hope you enjoy new Combin abilities and improvements! Please leave us your thoughts and questions about the 1.3 version and suggest ideas for future implementations at support@combin.com