Written by Baidhurya Mani

Most brands' main social media goal is to grow beyond their reach and stand out amongst thousands of competing social accounts. On Instagram, one of the best ways to do this is to get your content on the Explore page.

The Instagram Explore page on the platform has a collection of posts and stories in different content formats. The page is personalized to match every user's interest as per their activity. The Instagram algorithm uses machine learning to improve account recommendations to active users.

More than 200 million users check their Instagram Explore page daily. That means engagement, conversion, and sales growth rate opportunities for accounts that get their quality content on the Explore page.

You can access the Explore page on your phone by clicking on the search icon at the bottom of your app.


If you’re using the desktop version, you can find the Explore page by clicking on the compass icon at the top right of your Instagram page.


Factors like higher engagement rates and creating visual content trigger Instagram algorithms to notice your page. However, most brands are already practicing that, so you must adopt strategies that set you apart. Read on to learn these strategies:

1. Create relevant content

Content is the central tool you need to use to get on the Explore page, so you must ensure it’s relevant and high-quality. Users will engage more with your content if it serves them, whether it is through entertainment or essential tips.

However, you cannot deliver on this unless you understand your target audience. That’s why your first step should be to develop your ideal audience personas. That is especially important if you’re just starting a business and have yet to understand your audience and the content they want to see.

Nike is an excellent example of a brand that understands its audience and mastered the art of using relevant, motivating content that earns its followers' trust and engagement. Thanks to this, the brand earns top spots on users’ Instagram Explore pages:


You can use social listening tactics to help identify the Explore page-worthy content types, topics, themes, and aesthetics to achieve this. Since your Explore page feed is personalized, you can start from there. See the popular content and best posts from accounts in your niche, then use this content to guide you when creating your own.

Finally, ensure you understand what types of content fit different formats to encourage more engagement. For instance, you can use fun Reels, engaging Instagram captions, and Instagram video content to explain complex content instead of carousel posts.

2. Tap into Instagram analytics

Instagram analytics, in this case, works as a guide map on how to get on the Instagram Explore page. Instagram analytics data help you understand the strategies that work fine and need to be adjusted. Your goal, after all, is to grow your engagement rates which can lead to a fuller sales funnel.

So, for instance, if the data shows that you reach too many clients but have very little engagement, you can develop strategies to encourage your audience to interact with you.

For instance, you can share more interactive content instead of sharing marketing content daily. An excellent example of a brand that actualizes this is Netflix. The global streaming service uses humor instead of bland content to market its shows.


That pushes Instagram users to engage with them through likes, comments, or shares. As a result, any user interested in entertainment content will often see Netflix content on their Instagram Explore page.

The Instagram analytics tool also comes in handy when brands don’t notice a feature on the Instagram Explore page, which is very common. You can still see the likes and engagement rates resulting from your feature on the Explore feed.


Just click on the insights button and open the discovery section. Your post impressions are broken down into different metrics, including one labeled "from Explore".

Instagram has to be one of the social platforms that drops the most number of trends, each one set up in a way that betters user experience. A good example is the most recent Instagram Collab feature, which came right after Instagram Reels. The feature allows two Instagram accounts to share a single post or Reel, as shown in the Peloton post below:


You will constantly find Instagram promoting these new features on the Instagram Explore page to grow their popularity amongst users. Using them makes it easier to get on the Explore page.

Also, target content formats that are on-trend but still guarantee more reach and engagement. People are more likely to share on-trend content, introducing your brand to prospective audiences. At the moment, you will realize that most brands have embraced:

  • Q&A sessions and Instagram live on Instagram stories
  • Shoppable posts to encourage users to shop without leaving Instagram
  • Memes and compelling captions
  • Creative reels
  • Embrace influencer marketing, especially working with niche influencers on trend

Glamour magazine is an excellent example of a brand always trying out trending features.


The brand structures content in different formats. It also uses different Instagram features and strategies like celebrity takeovers to maximize engagement. That easily earns the brand a spot on the Explore pages of users interested in fashion and beauty news.

But remember that though trends attract a wider audience, you must remain consistent in your content and niche categories. That’s because the Instagram algorithms favor consistency.

4. Build and grow your online community

An online community is a group of people who share interests and goals on an online platform. Instagram communities provide opportunities for more connections and business growth, even for the platform, which is why it is key to Instagram’s success.

This is also one of the benefits of the Explore page. It provides Instagram accounts and communities for people with shared interests to join. To get on the Instagram Explore page, you must have built a community that other users are willing to engage. The more active your community is, the better your chances.

Anima Iris is one of the brands that has mastered this. The brand has built a strong online community through its CEO’s transparency on the production process. The CEO uses Q&A sessions and reposts user-generated content. As a result, Anima Iris regularly pops up on the Explore page for Instagram users interested in luxury handbags.


To build and grow such a community, provide opportunities for your ideal audience to engage with your Instagram content. You can do this by:

  • Starting online brand conversations in the comment section, DMs, and Instagram stories
  • Responding to comments and direct messages
  • Include Call To Actions
  • Run giveaway contests that also encourage followers to share your content
  • Repost user-generated content

Besides that, you can also encourage your audience to turn on notifications for your feed and story content. That will ensure most see your content and engage with it through likes, comments, shares, or adding to their shared posts. The Instagram algorithm is highly likely to notice this and give your content an extra boost on the Instagram Explore page.

But note, while building an online community is essential, you need to prioritize authenticity since the algorithm can detect inauthentic activities. Avoid using unethical viral trends like Instagram pods or buying followers to grow your online community and boost engagement.

5. Use the right tags

Social media tags are an easy and free option to get users' attention on Instagram. They increase engagement, which boosts your content’s value, and as a result, help get it on the Explore page.

Most people also use tags on the Instagram user search feature on the page. So by using the right tags, you make it easier for more users to find your Instagram page. There are three main types of tagging on Instagram: hashtags, geotags, and account tags.

Hashtags are used to show or support content topics, as shown below.


Geotags show physical locations, making it easier for users searching for the similar location to find your content:


Account tags include people's or brands’ accounts. You can add the mention tag in a caption or still image content. Like in the example below:


You spark users' attention by using relevant hashtags and location tags. That makes your account easier to find, especially if people use hashtags to find information. Statistics also show that using at least one hashtag could boost engagement by 25%. Account tags provide a chance for exposure to new audiences through shares or reposts.

You can add up to 20 account tags and 30 hashtags to your Instagram post. Using as many of these tags as possible can boost the number of users finding and interacting with your post. The more people and interactions you get, the more you get noticed by the Instagram algorithm, and the easier it is to get on the Explore page.

In Closing

Getting on the Instagram Explore page is one of the ways you can stand out amongst all the other accounts on the platform. However, this is only possible if you can position yourself so that Instagram algorithms see your content’s value.

Some tips discussed above can help you get on the Instagram Explore page. Start by creating relevant content, tap into Instagram analytics, follow Instagram trends, grow your online community, and use the proper tags in your content.

Follow the tips and get on the Instagram Explore page today.