Some time ago, we covered spooktacular marketing fails made by brands that almost turned into true nightmares for their reputation and sales. Check this post with Instagram marketing horror stories... if you dare 👻

This time, we'll show you companies whose Halloween Instagram marketing is absolutely smashing. Here's the list of top brands with awesome Halloween campaigns and spooky creatives handpicked for you.


Every year, ASOS pleases customers not only with the traditional Halloween sale but also shares engaging content drawing its audience's attention to it.

They collaborate with influencers and tag other brands in their posts to gain extra reach by having their content re-shared.

🎃Insight to use: Leverage influencer marketing and collaborate with other brands that aren't your competitors to earn additional exposure.


Oreo has intentionally made a limited cookie series just for Halloween and hasn't forgotten to tell the customers about it.

🎃Insight to use: Make a product or service that is limited only during the spooky season.


Starbucks is yet another brand that embraces its creativity on All Hallows' Eve. This time, they've made a funny clip that opens the curtain on how the boo-rista works by revealing facts about their halloweeny product, Pumpkin Spice Latte 🎃

🎃Insight to use: Share some facts about your company or product that you haven't uncovered before.


LALAL.AI, an online tool for musicians, is not an exception when it comes to smashing marketing this Halloween. In addition to the appealing visuals that match the entire brand's aesthetics, they've launched a Halloween sale with a limited offer for their customers.

🎃Insight to use: Launch a deal dedicated to Halloween only and please your customers with a discount.


Pinterest shares Halloween inspiration posts to help you get ready for this All Hallows' Eve and publishes UGC made by their users.

🎃Insight to use: Leverage UGC and give your followers tips on how they can spend this Halloween better.


This food retailer's Instagram is now all about sharing recipes of spooky Halloween dishes in Reels with an invitation to buy the ingredients in their stores.

🎃Insight to use: Share a recipe for a typical Halloween food, a spooky playlist, or a list of movies or TV series that will create a unique eerie atmosphere.

Burger King

Burger King is often among the top brands when it comes to social media content and creativity. This year, they've made the Halloween-dedicated hashtag #HomeOfTheGhosts bound to their Halloween deal.

Besides, they've made a whole Reel for this sale that is styled as a typical spooky horror movie.

🎃Insight to use: Create a Halloween-related brand hashtag dedicated to your deal or giveaway and share it in your bio/posts to let your customers join you in your activity or easily find you on Instagram.

Mac Cosmetics UK

The British part of this world-renowned cosmetics brand isn't staying behind this Halloween and hosts special live events, shares user-generated content made by its clients, as well as launches a Halloween-special sale with a limited offer.

🎃Insight to use: Host a live event with special tips and tricks on how your customers can use your product.


ASDA went even further, and in addition to many Halloween-dedicated recipes in feed and funny Reels, they've also made a special spooky edition of their magazine with '26 tasty recipes, Halloween goodies galore and must-have new season buys'.

🎃Insight to use: Create a series of Halloween-related Reels.

Revolution Makeup

Revolution Makeup is last but definitely not least! They share plenty of UGC content with influencers using their products, have made a page on their website dedicated to Halloween, and shared it in their bio.

But this isn't all! What's more, they've added a Highlight with a 31-day competition among their customers aimed to choose the one best to create a spooky Halloween look. They post five looks on their Instagram page a week and choose ten finalists in the end. The conditions of the competition are pinned in the Highlight.

🎃Insight to use: Host a competition or giveaway to motivate your followers to create UGC and share it on your Instagram page to earn social credit. Create a special Highlight with the terms of the giveaway and a website page to lead all the customers there to easily calculate the results of your campaign.

We've gathered these ten brands currently kicking it with their content and Halloween creativity. We hope you'll find these insights useful and inspiring to add to your Instagram marketing strategy this Halloween!

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