Facebook is just one of the social media giants that has devised its own fully integrated advertising system, making it a one-time stop for people looking to see relevant promotions and promote themselves at the same time. Facebook is great for business promotion as well as individual promotion, as it is a brilliant advertising platform. However, there is large differences in how effectively different brands use Facebook as an advertising platform, leading to variations in the financial success and customer success of various advertising campaigns.

Without proper planning and guidance to follow, there will be wasted money and resources, which is the exact opposite of what businesses are looking for. There’s no need to worry though; have a look through these following tips:

Be honest with yourself with how much you want to spend

Establishing a budget from the onset of your campaign will restrict you from overspending.

“Facebook will help you with this, with its Optimized CPM — a useful took that will allow Facebook to only fill ad space based around the budget restrictions you want. Figure out how much ad space costs presently, and how much of it you want,” says Vergie Moore, marketer at Brit Student and Australia 2 Write.

Be creative with media

Imagery strikes hearts. Visual content is shown to be much more powerful at gaining influential attention than textual content. Without it, you are bypassing a clear-cut way to display an eye-catching and memorable method to display a message.

Always put out adverts with landing pages

Landing pages should bridge the path for customers to end up on website and product pages. Use a landing page to educate users about the product and company first, before they’re led to pages where they’re encouraged to make purchases.

“Because Facebook advertising can often be pricier than anticipated when starting out an advert campaign, it’s important to ensure all interaction with your adverts counts. This includes all clicks, which can send your traffic to basic explanatory and product pages,” says Ila Collier, social media marketing manager at Write My x and Next CourseWork.

Make your offer amazing

A strong offer will compensate for a poorly constructed ad, though a well-constructed ad will not compensate for a weak offer. Great offers appeal to the emotions of the audience. Charity appeals attract a lot of attention, and encourages people to feel as if purchasing your product is benefiting them instead of benefiting you. Avoiding direct selling with free trials (especially if your product is SaaS) will bypass the difficult part of actually gaining attention for a purchase. It is commonplace for advertisers to use various elements of influence such as social proof, authority, scarcity, reciprocation, liking and commitment to get through great customer success. Read Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B Cialdini to learn more about influence techniques.

Design adverts with your target audience in mind

Making each advert set unique to the people you are targeting will maximise how well it reaches them. Creating different ads for different groups of people shows that you can put in the time and effort to consider different demographics. This says a lot about both your brand as a whole, and the product you are trying to push, too.

Facebook’s Audience Insights

Learn to use this tool! It’s a very useful tool available to people who use Facebook advertising, and will help you to mine through relevant Facebook data to determine exactly who your actual target market is through the users that directly interact with your Facebook page. This will help you narrow down your target audience and design your campaign better.

To really create an ad campaign that sticks in the minds of your target audience, you need to understand the Facebook advertising platform. If you don’t, there’s no way you can maximise all the features you have available to you. Plan a budget first, then where all of that budget will go.

Creating adverts without guidance is a sure way to lose money on Facebook ads. Giving away money to Facebook can be done, even with careful planning and revision of ad material Follow these tips for a great campaign.

Written by Katrina Hatchett, a marketing blogger at Academic Brits and writer for Origin Writings, is involved in many business projects. She enjoys identifying project problems and find solutions for these, and her goal is to improve the effectiveness of our communication. She also writes for PhD Kingdom blog.