If previously Instagram was hideous about its terms of who can get the verification, now the policy is getting clearer. Earlier, we saw that only celebrities and big accounts had the blue checkmark. Today, we know the exact requirements accounts should follow to get verified on Instagram.

Since August 2018, Instagrammers are able to request verification directly from the Instagram page. In this article, the Combin team is about to reveal the process of Instagram verification step by step and uncover some myths regarding the blue checkmark.

Who Needs the Verification Badge?

If you’re a small business or a local company, there's no necessity to have the verification badge. What exactly do you want to verify with it? People are mistaken when they think that the blue check on Instagram gives their account any real privilege. It actually doesn’t.

With the verification badge, your reach won't get higher, your exposure won't increase, neither will your followership. In reality, none of this will happen due to the blue checkmark alone.

Among the advantages you might have is that you'll be able to add a swipe-up link in your stories even if you have fewer than 10k followers. But the irony is that getting these 10k followers is easier than acquiring the verification badge.

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Instagram verification, like other social media account verification, was designed to protect celebrities, famous brands, and now even influencers from being impersonated and protect their audience from being scammed by imposters.

Remember, even if your Facebook page has a verification badge, it doesn’t guarantee that you'll get one on Instagram. According to the Instagram official policy regarding the verification, currently, only those accounts that have a high possibility of being impersonated can get the verification badge.

Instagram Verification Requirements

According to Instagram, “Only some public figures, celebrities and brands have verified badges. It’s not currently possible to request or purchase a verified badge.”

This is not entirely true, however. Anyone can request to be verified (not anyone will be verified, though). Or, theoretically, you can pay money for the verification on the black market (which we strongly do not recommend).

Generally and realistically speaking, there are only three ways to be verified on Instagram:

  1. You should be famous and/or have lots of followers, and follow all the Instagram rules, including ones for verification.
  2. You should work with a digital agency or a publicist and pay them to have your request submitted.
  3. You pay someone at Instagram directly.

Many influencers and brands work with agencies or publicists that help them get a blue check on Instagram. This is known as ‘Media Partner Support’.

Facebook also has managers who work with influencers. They have a special form to fill out when they apply for the Instagram verification. This doesn’t guarantee that an influencer gets the checkmark but the application will be surely reviewed.

Theoretically, the priority of getting the badge is as follows: for politicians, getting the badge is easier than for any other Instagrammer. Then come sportspeople, show business celebrities, movie stars, and then influencers.

For brands and companies, it’s sufficient to have a patent to have the account verified. For influencers who work only on Instagram and ignore other social media platforms, it’s the most complicated to get the badge.

Instagram itself stands against paying to third-party agencies, except its official partners, for being verified. The platform is surely interested in you being authentic to get a blue check, but another reason for it is that there are plenty of scammers who claim they can sell you the verification.

Instagram has four general requirements your account needs to comply with to get verified. You need to be:

  • Authentic: Your account must represent a real person, registered business, or entity. As a rule, meme and parody accounts are not considered for verification.
  • Unique: According to Instagram, your account needs to be “the unique presence of the person or business it represents”, which means that you can’t have more than one verified account of yourself or your brand. Exceptions are language- and/or geo-specific accounts (like McDonald’s US vs McDonald’s Norway).
  • Complete: Finish your profile. You can’t get a blue checkmark on Instagram if your account lacks a bio, a profile picture, and at least one post.
  • Notable: Get featured on the media and other social channels. You or your company must be mentioned in various news sources and outlets, be searched for on search engines, and be well-known to the general public.

Some other tips for you to know:

  1. Don’t violate Instagram rules. If you had any bans or restrictions on your account, they diminish your chances of getting the verification badge.
  2. Don’t place links to your other socials on your Instagram account. If you call people to follow you on other social media accounts, you can forget about the verification.
  3. Don’t lie. If you provide “false or misleading information” to Instagram when applying for verification, you may encounter suspension or even get a permanent ban.

Instagram Verification Scam

If you want to verify your Instagram account, you’ve probably happened to see questionable offers in your or other profiles’ comments or in DM. These offers come from scammers who guarantee to have your account verified on Instagram for money or even your account credentials.

Scammers create fake accounts and try to steal users’ sensitive data by offering a verification badge.

Other hackers cheat influencers with fake verification services. Scammers with a blue checkmark next to their names comment on influencers’ posts and offer to sell a verification badge.

That’s primarily Instagram’s fault that the verification process is so opaque that people tend to believe scammers and give money for the badge they probably don’t even need in the first place.

How to Request Verification on Instagram: Official Way

1. Open your Instagram profile.

2. Click on the menu icon on the top right corner of your profile.

3. Open Settings, then select Account from the settings menu.

4. Scroll down through the account settings until you see Request Verification, then click on it.

5. You will see a form you need to fill out. Add your full name (for businesses, the full name of whoever manages your Instagram will do).

6. Choose a file to attach a photo of your ID. For a person, a driver’s license, passport, or national identification card will work. For a business, you can use any official business document such as a tax filing, article of incorporation, or even a recent electrical bill.

7. Click on the blue Send button to submit your verification request to Instagram.

So Now Am I Verified?

The Instagram staff will review your submission and decide whether your request should be approved. If you don’t hear from Instagram straight away, it doesn’t mean your request was disapproved. Sometimes it can even take several weeks.

When Instagram makes up their mind on your submission, you will receive a notification that says if you’re approved or not. If your request is disapproved, you can submit it again after 30 days.

FAQs on Instagram Blue Verification Badge

What type of an Instagram account should I have to get verified?

The application process is available to all types of accounts supported by Instagram: Business, Personal and Creator. But your account needs to be public – private accounts can’t be verified.

Do I have to pay to get verified?

If you submit the application through the official way (via Instagram itself), it won't cost you a penny. If you decide to apply with the help of a publicist or an agency, you will need to pay, surely. But even if you do decide to collaborate with agencies, make sure they’re not a scam and are official Instagram Partners.

How many followers should I have to get the verification badge on Instagram?

There are no limits or specific requirements on how large your followership should be.

Instagram Verification Perks

Instagram verification badge is not just a badge of honour that looks great. The blue checkmark has valuable advantages to fight for.

These are the main reasons why you should at least try to get a verification badge if you’re a well-known brand or personality:

  • You deter copycats and imposters from impersonating you. With the blue badge, you show to whoever is searching for you on Instagram that it’s really you. Thus you make sure you don’t lose people who follow a fan or a parody accounts instead of your authentic page.
  • You confirm that you’re newsworthy. Instagram verification often implies that its owner has appeared in several news sources and that your brand or yourself are so important that people want to imitate you.
  • You improve your Instagram SEO. If you want your account to rank at the top of the search results, your blue checkmark can set this up. Verified Instagram accounts always rank higher than non-verified ones for the same Instagram search queries.
  • Your comments rank higher. You’ve probably noticed that comments left by verified celebs or influencers are placed on top in the comment section. If that’s what you’re looking for, definitely try to get the badge.

Myths About Instagram Blue Check

  1. Instagram verification checkmark increases your account reach. It doesn’t. You may get more profile visitors due to your comments being above others' comments or ranking higher in search results.
  2. Accounts with verification mark can violate the Instagram community guidelines and won’t get blocked. They can’t. Instagram can remove the badge anytime.
  3. Verified Instagram accounts get all the new features first-handed. They don’t. All the updates are tested on random accounts, on all users at once or on chosen accounts, not necessarily verified.
  4. Verified account content tends to be on the Explore page more often. It doesn’t. Otherwise, we would see only celebrities and big shops on our Explore tabs.

Getting an Instagram blue checkmark is complicated if you're not a celebrity. Yet it's not unreal. If you need the perks the badge can provide, definitely give it a go!

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