Save your time planning content with our free Instagram scheduler.

Digital marketing agencies and businesses who have to plan and publish Instagram content in batch feel this pain — they simply can’t develop content marketing strategy without a useful content planner. So we offer a solution — Combin Scheduler — that can help you power up your Instagram content marketing.

Here’s how you can elevate your Instagram content marketing with Combin Scheduler

Content strategy development is a long and complicated task. You not only need to think on how to make your audience respond to your content, but also on how to realise it all technically. The latter is our app is designed for.

Publish from your desktop. Instagram doesn’t allow publishing posts and Stories from the desktop, which is not always convenient for big companies to plan their content, but it can be easily done with Combin Scheduler.

Write captions, tag, and edit posts from your desktop

Besides, many of our clients are visual artists like photographers, designers, illustrators, and alike. For them, it’s also challenging to share their art via mobile phone as it needs time and effort to upload it on a smartphone first. So if you’ve ever struggled to publish your content from PC and still looking for a tool for this, search no further.

Publish in bulk. To save your time for more important business processes, publish in bulk selecting the required publishing date, write a caption if you wish, add relevant hashtags and a location tag to grab more attention of your target audience. Then forget about Instagram as the app will do the rest for you.

Publish posts and Stories in batch

With the app, every piece of your Instagram content will be automatically uploaded on the platform down to the minute. You can either plan your posts and Stories for days, weeks, and months ahead or publish them instantly.

Edit the images. The right images ratio influences how your audience percepts your content and whether they’ll like it or not. To make your post look attractive and sharable, use the in-app crop and zoom features and change the photo size to square, vertical, portrait, and landscape.

Fit to the Instagram aspect ratio

Write engaging captions. Captions are a significant part of Instagram marketing, but when you need to write a long story, you all know how complicated it is to do it from a smartphone. Combin Scheduler allows writing captions with the maximum available 2,200 characters from the desktop in a user-friendly text field and adding emojis, hashtags, and mentions within. Your caption will look exactly as you’ve formatted it within the app, and no paragraphs will slide into one long unreadable text.

And for your convenience, you can use ready-made templates and edit them as you want. Adjust them to your content types, keep relevant hashtags there, and apply anytime you need.

Use templates for efficient work

Style the grid layout. Although the captions are vital for Instagram marketing, the visual style is nonetheless the central part of the content planning. Accounts with a clear image concept attract more followers and get on the Explore Page more often. With the in-app calendar, check how your grid layout looks and change the place of publications based on your taste and business goals.

Style your Instagram page with Combin Scheduler

Don’t miss your chance to power up your Instagram content marketing and try Combin Scheduler for free. The free plan has all the basic functions, including 3 Instagram Posts per week, up to 15 Instagram Stories weekly, one Instagram account management, location tagging, and bulk image uploading.

Personal Plan costs $7 per month and aside from the above allows scheduling unlimited Stories and posts and add a link in bio. The latter feature is coming in the next updates. For $21 per month, you are enabled to do all of the above and plan content for five Instagram accounts.

Combin Scheduler is now available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.