The new Combin Growth update is finally out! This release is so full of novel and useful features. Let’s take a deep look at all the new features we have in this version.

NO Trial Period!

You’ve been asking for this, and we’re happy to oblige. New Combin Growth 2.7 has a free version again! No trial period; the Starter plan is completely free for everyone. Free users are no longer time-limited to use the basic functionality of Combin.

Stories and Highlights Viewing Task

Now, Combin Growth is able to ‘watch’ Stories and Highlights when you’re searching for content and within users’ lists. You can’t actually watch Stories in the app! Combin does it in the background mode.

To set this task, you just need to start a new search as you normally would. Then at the bottom of the screen find the ‘View the poster’s Stories’ button and select users whose Stories you want to watch. Tap on the button, and the task will appear in the taskbar.

Note though that this isn’t a way to watch stories anonymously! Your account will be visible to the story owner on Instagram.

Fixed Not Followers Tab

Not Following and Not Followers tabs are now functioning as they used to. You’re again able to unfollow people who don’t follow you back in batch.

They are now updated as the Followers and Following lists are being updated. As soon as the update is completed, correct users are shown within the lists.

New Search Filters

Posts count filter is available when searching by Users with fast search off and when searching by Posts with the analysis on.

To make this filter appear in the filters and sorting list, start a new search by Users and make sure the fast search feature is turned off.

If you’re searching by Posts and want to apply this filter, start a new search by Posts and switch on the Analysis.

Users without profile pics filter is available when searching by Users and when searching by Posts with the analysis on.

Capture Subscription on the Personal Plan

In this version, both Personal and Business plan allow you to activate your subscription on various PCs. Since the subscription can’t work simultaneously on multiple devices, you can capture it and transfer it onto the machine you’re working on at the moment.

Some other new things

  • The hourly limits on actions were added. They prevent user accounts ban on Instagram and Instagram blocks on particular types of action. Note that because of this change, big tasks are performed slower.
  • Instagram account block analytics was added. It will enable us to get more information about bans and blocks, analyze and improve the situation more efficiently than before.
  • The crash appearing upon quitting the application was fixed. You will now experience significantly less crashes when using Combin.
  • The ability to detect and ‘remember’ whether a user was ever a follower was added. In the next 2.8 version, we will try to add an Unfollowers list based on the memorized data. Stay tuned!

Install the new Combin Growth 2.7, available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

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