Long time, no see! We're pleased to announce the latest updates for Combin Growth and Combin Scheduler—versions 2.13 and 1.11 respectively. We know these have been long-awaited releases, and here they finally are.

In these updates, we've focused on addressing specific issues to enhance your user experience. Here are the key improvements.

Account Authorization Issues Resolved

In the previous version, some users encountered errors during login attempts. We're happy to share that with this update, account authorization functions seamlessly without any hiccups.

Enhanced Notifications for Required Participation

You'll now receive timely notifications prompting you to take necessary actions, such as entering a captcha, re-logging in, or participating in other identity verification processes. This update ensures you stay informed and engaged when needed.

Improved Search by Post Link

We've fixed an issue related to searching by post link, particularly when the link led to an Instagram Reel. Previously, this type of search returned an error stating "Post information is unavailable." With the latest release, you can successfully search for users using links to Reels or regular Instagram posts.

We appreciate your feedback and encourage you to reach out with any further suggestions or concerns 💜

To update to the latest versions of Combin Growth and Combin Scheduler, visit our official website or check for updates within the apps.