Combin development team has ambitious plans for the remaining year and the first scheduled major feature, an enhanced location search, has just got released! Numerous other abilities and improvements got featured along as well, granting a user experience boost.

Instead of typing in names of interesting places, location search is now initiated by picking the desired search area on an interactive map. The search can be performed two ways — automatically and manually. Auto search is started by user defining the location search radius on a map; the application gathers and displays all posts tagged on Instagram within the area. Manual search is started by user moving to any interesting place on a map and clicking the Search button for detecting all available locations; then user picks all or some of those places to search posts within.

Auto location search initiation
Manual location search initiation

As depicted on the GIFs above, each time a search area is defined, the area is given name for future use — all searched location areas are saved to the Recent tab and can be searched again.

Recently searched locations

Note that single location searches are performed noticably faster than combined hashtag+location searches as the latter require a lot more information gathering.

Previously Combin allowed searcing potential audience among accounts that follow and comment other Instagram accounts, and now it’s also available to find the accounts that others follow. Start User search and just the Followings option in order to get a list of accounts your Instagram competitors follow.

Fast followers/commenters search from results

Seen an interesting post in the search results and want to quickly find its author’s audience? Combin’s got you covered with this new ability. No need to visit the author’s profile, copy their username, start a new user search and paste the name — just click the post with the right mouse button and pick the search starter option.

New filters and sorting options

Followers/Following lists (User tab):

  • Sort by date followed
  • Sort by interaction date
  • Hide liked users
  • Hide commented users

Post/User search results (Search tab):

  • Hide own account
  • Hide own posts
  • Hide previously unfollowed users
  • Hide irrelevant users
  • Hide users from previous search updates
  • Hide posts from previous search updates

Beta versions testing ability + built-in feedback form

Combin users can now try out upcoming features before their initial release. Enable the beta versions downloading in the Preferences settings:

Take time to leave feedback after testing through a new built-in form within the application Help section. Express your ideas and report bugs, it will tremendously help Combin team making the application better!

Get the new 1.7.0 version on or update within the application through Tools > Check for updates.