The Combin team is eager to share this fantastic news with you: we have released our reborn Combin Growth 2.8.1! So let’s cut to the chase and see what new we have in this release.

The default in-app daily action limits were reduced

Since Instagram doesn’t allow us to safely process the amount of (un)follows, likes, and comments we’ve previously set, the limits for all Combin Growth plans, free and paid, are now lower.

You can still manually increase them in the settings, though we strongly recommend against it.

Two Search Limit for Free Users

Free Combin Growth users can now create up to two searches simultaneously. Users of the Personal and Business plans do not have any restrictions on the search count.

New Bio Search Results

Since Instagram has recently changed the number of search results by bio, Combin Growth has to adapt to the latest Instagram changes. Now bio search results stop at 55.

Some other crucial improvements:

  • Creation of searches by post URL issue is fixed.
  • User posts display after the application relaunch issue is fixed.
  • Incorrect maps display during the search by location issue is fixed.
  • System language identification problem is solved.
  • System shortcuts support for macOS is added.
  • Several application crash issues are fixed.

You can install the app on your PC or Mac right away! The app is available for Windows, macOS and Ubuntu devices. If you have any questions regarding the release, please reach out to our support team at