No matter whether you’ve been with us for a long time or have joined us just a while ago, you probably don’t know that apart from the Combin solutions, we have other services to skyrocket your Instagram.

In this post, we’re not talking about Combin Growth and Combin Scheduler. Instead, we’re about to remind you (or some of you will hear about them for the first time) about our other services that can help you improve your Instagram marketing.

InstaCheck: Instagram Account Audit

InstaCheck is exclusive recommendations for users on how to improve their Instagram accounts.

In an exclusive report made specifically for your profile, you get the full analysis of your Instagram username, bio, profile photo, aesthetics, branding, content, and engagement with recommendations on what you should change or improve.

How’s It Useful?

Our individual advice will help you take a fresh look at your Instagram page and enhance your Instagram marketing.

With InstaCheck, you’ll be able to analyse your weak spots on your own and finally understand what works for your Instagram page and what doesn’t.

Who’s It For?

Everyone can apply for the service, but still, InstaCheck may be of better interest for you if you are:

  • Influencers

InstaCheck can help influencers improve their Instagram account, aesthetics and branding to attract more followers and advertisers. After InstaCheck, advertisers can be sure of your account’s quality since ER examination is in place.

  • Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur leveraging Instagram as a proper marketing tool, you want to make sure your brand or personal account looks good and appealing to your customers. InstaCheck helps you enhance your Instagram page and work on a strategy to develop a more substantial online presence for your business.

With InstaCheck, you can also order an examination of your competitor’s account and realise what strong and weak points they have.

  • Advertisers

If you’re a brand using influencer marketing in your promotion strategy, InstaCheck is an absolute must for you. With InstaCheck, you can examine accounts of relevant influencers before outreaching them for a campaign. Thus you will be sure you’ve chosen proper influencers for your brand.

How To Apply?

All you need to do first is to apply for the audit on our website. Then you fill in the form and wait for your individual report to get back to you. That simple!

Workshops for Newbies

More and more new users join us and leverage Combin Growth and Combin Scheduler in their marketing activities, so we can't leave them without best practices of the software usage.

Once in two weeks on Wednesdays, we host webinars for newcomers who are interested to learn more about our tools.

How to Register?

Check our Reddit and website to be in the loop. We publish the registration link on Mondays, two days before the webinar, so make sure you're in next time!

Combin Podcast

Combin launched the podcast series dedicated to Instagram growth hacks in 2020. Our webinar host Ann who all of you know pretty well shares expert tips and tricks that help businesses and influencers promote their Instagram pages.

On our podcast show, Ann and her expert guests discuss social media strategy, business growth hacks, influencer marketing tips and tricks and a lot more! Most of the episodes are interviews with world experts from business and marketing, so make sure you don’t miss the next episode.

Where to Find It?

You can listen and subscribe to the Combin podcast show on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, and Podcast Addict.

Instagram Marketing Masterclass

Free Combin masterclasses are your gateway to success on Instagram. Watch the videos to learn how to leverage the power of social media, increase engagement and get new followers.

By the end of the Masterclass, you will have an effective, easy-to-implement strategy that you can apply to your Instagram whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user.

So far, we have eight units of super insightful content for brands, businesses and individuals who just started their Instagram growth journey!

Who’s It For?

Combin Instagram Marketing Masterclass is a perfect way to start crafting your Insta marketing skills if you’re new to the platform or know the basics of how Instagram works. So if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, influencer or just want to grow your business presence online, this course is for you.

How to Apply?

No special registration is required: you just open the website page of the Masterclass and watch videos with lessons. The masterclass is free.

Combining these insightful resources with our Combin solutions, you’ll easily enhance your Instagram marketing experience.

Affiliate Program

We're offering you to become our affiliate partner and share the profit from our product with us!

How Much Can I Earn?

You will get 50% of the revenue per sale as a commission from orders placed through an affiliate link or using affiliate coupon for the first 6 months of recurrent payments. How much you'll earn will depend on how many sales you can do. The payments are transferred with PayPal.

The payments received through affiliate partners are tracked the two following ways of choice:

  • Through an affiliate link and cookies.
  • Through individually generated coupon code.

How to Apply?

Just visit our affiliate program page, click the Apply button and fill out a short form! The applications sent on weekdays are processed within 24 hours. Make sure to check your spam folder if more than a day passed since you applied.