You've probably noticed two more solutions on our Combin website — Qoob Stories and Qoob Clips. In this article, we're revealing what these tools are and how helpful they can be for you 👇

Download Instagram Photos, Videos & More with Qoob Stories

Qoob Stories is a smart desktop Instagram content viewer and downloader that lets you browse and save stories, Highlights, photos, and videos from public and private Instagram accounts. But the functionality of the app is not limited by these!

  • Qoob Stories allows you to view and download Instagram stories just in a couple of seconds.

All you need to do is to install and launch the app on your Windows, macOS, and Linux desktop and enter a hashtag, location or an account username whose stories you want to download.

Then just toggle the Stories on and turn off other options. You can also select the date range when downloading stories. The content format you can select can either be Photo and Video, Only Photo, or Only Video.

Then just press 'Download' and here you go! All Stories will be automatically downloaded on your PC or Mac.

💡 Thus you can watch Instagram stories anonymously because when you download a story, its creator won't see you in their viewers' list!

  • Download Instagram photos and videos.

Just like with downloading Instagram stories, enter a location, hashtag, or a username (like you did in Combin), and choose what you want to save in the Download options window.

Photo and video content in the original quality and format will be saved on your device.

  • Save Instagram posts captions.

As you know, mobile Instagram app doesn't allow you to copy post captions. So Qoob Stories offers a solution: copy captions just at the same time you download content.

  • Get all new content downloaded automatically.

Add favourite accounts to the Qoob Stories Instagram viewer to download all of their current and future content. All new posts and Instagram stories will be saved to your computer automatically.

  • Browse Instagram feed without ads.

Watch Instagram photos and videos on your desktop without interruptions by promoted posts. Enjoy the full ad-free Instagram viewing experience no online service can provide.

  • Back up your Instagram account.

Your Instagram account is a precious memory album that you surely want to keep. And you can easily do so with Qoob Stories! To avoid losing your memories due to a ban, account hacking or alike, save your photos and videos by backing up your own Instagram page.

Download TikTok Videos with Qoob Clips

Qoob Clips is a desktop tool that lets you view and download videos and music from public and private TikTok accounts, back up your TikTok page, follow TikTok profiles and monitor other accounts’ feeds.

The app is available for Windows, macOS and Ubuntu computers.

Here's what you can do with Qoob Clips 👇

  • Download TikTok accounts' content

Simply enter an account’s username into the search field and press Download. The content of this account will be downloaded to your PC or Mac automatically. To pause the downloading process, click the cross in the upper right.

  • Download TikTok videos by hashtags

With Qoob Clips, you can grab TikTok challenge videos and other content from TikTok hashtags. Save them in MP4 format and HD quality up to 720p. To do so, enter a hashtag into the search bar and repeat the actions from above.

To find a downloaded video on your computer, hover the cursor over the video thumbnail and press the three dots icon. Then select how you want the clip to be shown.

  • Auto-download new TikTok videos

To unlock it, subscribe to the automatic downloading of new videos from your favourite TikTok creators and hashtags. Get the updates saved as soon as they are uploaded on TikTok.

  • Save TikTok captions

You're able to download TikTok videos along with their original captions. Just hover the cursor over the saved TikTok videos to see their captions in-app, copy them to the clipboard.

  • Download TikTok videos selectively

Control what you want to download. Set a specific time range in the in-app calendar to only download TikTok videos from this period.

  • Back up your own TikTok account

No one is safe from bans on social media. To avoid losing your content and hours you spent on creating it, you can back up your own TikTok account with Qoob Clips.

  • Download single TikTok videos

You can get one TikTok video at a time. All you need to do is to paste a TikTok video link and download a single clip to your computer.

  • Download videos that feature one song

Qoob Clips, unlike many other similar tools, let you save videos with the same track. Just enter a song name and download all videos that feature the track on TikTok.

  • Download videos you liked on TikTok

Just one click — and you can save the videos you liked on TikTok and other TikTok users’ publicly available liked videos.

More features like TikTok watermark removal are coming soon.

Try both Qoob Stories and Qoob Clips for free 💜