Many of you have surely faced issues when using the Combin software lately, including the login one. In this post, we're trying to be more specific regarding the reasons for this unpleasant experience and share our plans for the upcoming months.

Instagram is constantly changing its algorithms and limits the possibilities of automation tools. It started back in 2019 when the platform cut the number of daily user actions, which led to action blocks and account bans of those who used automation tools. Since then, Instagram has been keeping up its fight against such activity and restricts users from leveraging any third-party tools, such as growing and scheduling software, apps that download Instagram content, send out automatic messages or any other way interfere with the native Instagram's functionality. The developers of such apps try to combat the change, but it's becoming more challenging year by year.

The Combin software has been severely affected as well. With the latest updates, Instagram introduced a new detection algorithm, which influenced nearly all aspects of the Combin workflow, including authorisation, the Users tabs and Tasks processing.

Since then, our development team has been striving to deliver the fastest solution and releases fixes that might work for some users, but the issue has turned out to be more complex and difficult to solve than we expected. So we must be honest and confirm that the new release is probably to take much more time to be out, and we apologise for this inconvenience.

Right now, we can't give you an exact ETA of the major login fix, so make sure you follow our updates here or on Reddit. We'll let you know immediately once the situation improves.

As for now, a lot of precautions have been taken to ensure safety, and some users may experience a significant or slight drop, authorisation problems, user tab upload fails, etc.

We fully understand the situation, try to make the software functionality more flexible and introduce new features as soon as we possibly can. In the meantime, we advise you should follow our updates and install new versions upon their release. If you want to get refund, please, contact our support team, and we'll review your case.

Thank you for understanding, and don't hesitate to reach out to us on Reddit or via our support email with any questions 💜