Building a strong brand for your clients on Instagram doesn’t happen by chance. If you want to achieve better results and exceed yours or your client’s expectations, then you need a clear strategy.

Calculating adequate ROI from social media marketing is a daunting task, so a precise plan and a distinctive strategy is a must here.

And the best way to form your plan is by running an Instagram audit. An audit lets you check whether you or your clients are meeting their business and marketing goals, and maximising their Instagram marketing activities.

ROI in Instagram marketing

ROI or Return on Investment is the sum of Instagram actions that create value and bring you profit — content creation and hours spent on it, paid social costs, influencer marketing investments, etc. These actions strongly depend on your Instagram marketing objectives — brand awareness, traffic, conversions, leads, or sales.

If you want to calculate your ROI from a single Instagram campaign by revenue, you need to take total revenue you’ve got from the marketing investment, marketing investment itself and do simplified math:

ROI = (Revenue from the marketing investment — Marketing investment)/Marketing investment * 100

For instance, you spent $300 on paid social and influencers to promote your new book on Instagram. You tracked that customers who came from Instagram bought your book amounting to $2,500. It means that your ROI from this particular Instagram marketing campaign is 733%. In a similar fashion, you can also calculate the ROI of a single influencer’s performance or any other campaigns.

Your ROI will be calculated differently based on your campaign goals and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) you set for it. If your goal is to make as many sales as possible, your potential KPIs should be impressions, reach, Click-trough rate, ER, Cost per Lead, Cost per Sale, site traffic, leads, conversions, revenue, and some others.

To track these parameters, you should use Google Analytics, Facebook manager ads reports, UTM to track traffic and unique landing pages created for each influencer participating in the campaign.

Increase Instagram marketing ROI with InstaCheck

First of all, apply for the InstaCheck audit and get a thorough Instagram account examination as a PDF report.

Instagram account examination within InstaCheck is run by an AI and a human social media expert, not by artificial intelligence or by a bot alone. This guarantees you get a careful analysis of your Instagram account and unique advice that can be applied only to your specific case.

InstaCheck is intended to help you increase engagement, create better Instagram content, examine your perks and flaws, and learn the most actionable tips that will help you enhance your Instagram marketing.

After you apply for the InstaCheck audit on the website, Combin social media expert will analyse your profile and send you the analysis as a PDF report. For an additional fee, you can also ask all the questions regarding your Instagram marketing strategy or express your concerns during an individual Skype consultation.

How InstaCheck helps you increase Instagram marketing ROI

In the report, you will get exclusive tips that will help you enhance Instagram marketing and thus, increase crucial social media marketing metrics like ROI, ER, reach, engagement by reach, and followership.

After the InstaCheck, you will get:

Total profile examination

The social media expert who will manage an InstaCheck will overview your whole account and give you general tips that will work best for your Instagram account. For instance, if you have many ghost followers who don’t interact with your content and thus make your ER drop, but you don’t know about them, a social media expert will analyse your page with machine learning and advise you to remove such faux followers.

If your account lacks consistency or communication, InstaCheck report will also draw your attention to this. Thus, recommendations are given based on each unique case and according to a specific issue.

Analysis of your branding, aesthetics and tone of voice

InstaCheck audit will examine facets like username, profile bio, general account aesthetics, tone of voice, and will offer you hints on how to improve the information that your potential clients see first when they visit your page.

Content creation analysis and content ideas

Content is a facet that influences your followership, reach, engagement rate, conversions, loyalty and even sales. With the InstaCheck audit, your whole content strategy will be overviewed, and you will get relevant recommendations on how to create better content, which captions to write, which CTAs and topics you use and how often, and which types of posts you publish (UGC, insights, jokes, product posts, company news and alike).

After the InstaCheck, you will learn why your posts and stories don’t resonate with your audience and ways to fix it.

Besides, along with recommendations on content making, you will also get content ideas that may work well for your niche and specific Instagram account.

Captions Analysis

Along with an overall Instagram content strategy, InstaCheck will also take a thorough look at your captions — their length, calls-to-action, readability (line breaks and paragraphs), literacy, usage of emojis and their relevance.

You will learn how to create engaging captions that your audience will like to comment on.

Hashtags Analysis

Hashtags help other Instagrammers discover your content and profile on Instagram; that’s why the usage of relevant hashtags is vital for Instagram marketing.

You can use up to 30 hashtags in your Instagram post, yet it’s not always appropriate. After InstaCheck, you will learn if you need to use 30 maximum hashtags, which types of hashtags you should use (popular hashtags or less-used ones), and if you should start using branded hashtags. You will get rid of overused generic hashtags and will increase exposure with new ones.

Account Engagement Analysis

If followership is more of a vanity metrics and reach measures your exposure, then ER is a metric that is crucial to estimate the quality of your content and genuineness of your audience. If you’re experiencing low ER and want to get rid of it, InstaCheck will help you find new tactics to increase ER and receive the biggest response from your audience.

Apply for InstaCheck now to stand out from your competitors tomorrow and nail it with your Instagram marketing.

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