Just a friendly reminder that our Instagram planning tool Combin Scheduler is now completely free! Now, all the features that were available for paying users only, are open for everyone.

See what you can do with Combin Scheduler:

  • Plan Instagram posts and stories.

Schedule Instagram content for hours, days, weeks or just post them instantly. The publishing is fully automatic, so you won’t get any reminder to upload the content manually. Upload dozens of stories in one click and save time for more important things. Even 20 minutes are enough to schedule a month of engaging Instagram content.

  • Repost on Instagram.

Combin Scheduler allows you to regram posts, including user-generated content, your clients’ reviews, real-time industry news, etc. The media, caption, and hashtags are uploaded automatically, but you can easily remove or edit them within the app. Combin Scheduler also lets you move the repost badge to any place on an image, hide it and change its colour — make it either white or black.

  • Edit image sizes.

Fit your images to the aspect ratios Instagram supports using the crop and zoom features. Change the size to square, vertical, portrait and landscape right in the app.

  • Tag locations and other users.

To drive more engagement, you can tag other Instagrammers on your posts and add locations. The app also remembers and gives you the last location you used to save your time.

  • Add hashtags.

Use hashtags in the post captions to grab attention, boost more engagement and help others discover you on Instagram. You can even store groups of hashtags in Templates and edit them whenever you need.

  • Add links in bio.

Combin Scheduler allows you to add custom trackable links leading traffic from your Instagram to any landing page. While planning your post or story, you can add a link that will appear in Instagram bio after the media go live.

  • Visually plan your Instagram feed.

With Combin Scheduler, you can plan your content visually. The app offers a calendar to see when your posts are about to be published. You can track the scheduled content within a weekly calendar with thumbnails of the posts you’ve planned.

To check how your overall grid looks like, you can use a visual grid layout calendar.

  • 15 Instagram accounts management.

Easy management and content creation for 15 Instagram accounts in no time is possible with Combin Scheduler.

Download Combin Scheduler and enjoy free Instagram content planning. The app is available for Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu.

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