In any field, people want to make money on what they do. Blogging is not an exception.

In the beginning, bloggers often don't think about monetizing their blogs at first. But as the blog and the traffic grows, they realize that the time and effort spent on their blog should be paid off.

There are enough ways to make money on a blog and start monetizing it within a couple of days after its launch. We will tell you which ways of monetization are at your disposal.

Blog Topic: Profit or Interest?

You shouldn't write about things that aren't interesting to you (yes, so obvious). If the topic is ‘expensive’ and popular (finance, medicine, beauty, etc.) and you’re unsure that you can quickly gain an audience, discard it.

The competition in these niches is high, and there will not be enough financial motivation to spend so much time on a blog that does not interest you. In a couple of weeks, the articles’ quality will begin to decline, and the audience will outflow.

Therefore, for a blog, you need to choose a topic that is close to you and your interests, whether professional or personal.

Ways Of Blog Monetization: How to Write and Make Money

You can start monetizing right at the start, as soon as you start blogging.

But first, it's important to identify the right monetization model. To do this, figure out at what stage your blog is now, what niche it’s in and what development prospects do you see for your blog.

Here are general guidelines for what you need to do to blog and make money:

  • Buy reliable hosting and register a domain
  • Write unique content answering the audience’s questions
  • Optimise the site so that readers find it in search engines
  • Promote your blog on social media, email marketing and advertising
  • Always learn new things on how to promote your blog and monetize it

Ways to Monetize Your Blog

We’ll take a look at all the main ways to make money blogging. To make it a blast, they need to be combined with each other.

  1. Advertising (PPC and AdSense, banner ads, sponsored and guest articles)
  2. Direct sale of goods and services
  3. Seling of e-books and online courses
  4. Affiliate program
  5. Donations

Advertising of the blog

Advertising is the most popular way to monetize a blog and make money from blogging from scratch.

Google AdSense

Website monetization through Google Adsense advertising solution can attract potential advertisers.

In order to start monetizing your blog through AdSense, do the following:

  1. Create a Google Adsense account.

2. Create an ad unit in your personal account.

3. Copy the ad code and paste it on the pages of your site

It shows users advertisements of companies that are similar to the topic of your blog. For example, if your blog is about fashion, then your readers will see ads of style services, fashion shows, clothing brands, etc.

Then users click on the advertising link and you get some income.

Google AdSense ads can be placed regardless of the amount of traffic to the site.

The more popular the blog becomes and the more traffic it attracts, the bigger your income is.

The revenue you’ll get from these ads is influenced by the following factors: your blog topic; traffic; region and country of users who visit the blog.

Using Google Adwords in promoting your blog is not so common, but who said you couldn’t use it though?

To start using Google Ads, create your account there, link your payment card and start showing your blog articles to people who search certain keywords in Google.

This method is useful if, besides blogging, you also sell some goods or services.

If content creation is the only thing you do on your blog, this way will probably won’t be helpful since you will only spend money on ads, not making money.

Banner Ads

Selling banner ads is another way to use your blog as a way to make money.

You take money from the advertiser and place someone else's banner on your blog so that it does not distract users from reading articles.

To sell space for banners faster, you can the AdSense advertising tool that you’re already familiar with since you can negotiate with the advertiser and get a fixed income from placing banners for a certain period.

The main thing is to choose banners based on the topic of your blog.

Another way to make money on banners is to set up and launch banner ads. Income will be accrued for showing and clicking on the banner.

To find an advertiser, you can use services like Hilltopads, Google Ad Manager, or Index Exchange. Just register on these or similar platforms, fill in the form about your blog and set the desired price for banner placement and get in touch with advertisers.

You can post other people's articles on your blog for money - this is another way to make money on your blog or website.

The advantage of this approach is that by posting guest articles, you can not only earn income but also expand the content on the site and not waste time on creating your own one.

But make sure the articles you select for posting are of good quality and relevant to your blog.

Select articles which are unique, easy to read, have interesting facts, images and statistics and are not stuffed with too many irrelevant or low-quality links.

You can also sell your content yourself. For example, a common income for bloggers is making paid reviews for brands. And when you already have a well-promoted blog, you will be able to review different services and tools.

Direct Sale of Goods and Services

If your main goal is to have income from the sale of things you do or services you offer, then creating a profitable blog is an additional opportunity to increase the company's turnover and brand awareness.

To generate sales, create quality content, write articles, post pictures, infographics, put links to your goods and services, share free materials and collect contact data of new users (leads), write articles showing your products in action and showcase how they’re helpful.

The more likely that a customer will click on the link and buy the product if the blog contains articles that are useful to them, has easy navigation and attractive purchase offers.

To increase blog traffic and have more sales, it is important to optimize the site for search engines, use different types of advertising for promotion.

To further increase brand awareness and user loyalty, you can post on forums and social media, collaborate with bloggers and influencers and come up with entertaining ideas such as contests, games, and gift-giving.

All this will help develop the blog and drive sales and earnings growth.

Sale of E-Books and Online Courses

If you are an expert in your niche and have started a blog to share experience and knowledge, then you can get clients from your subscribers and readers.

To make money on your blog, start selling:

Selling e-books is one of the popular ways to use your blog to make money. Books will show your expertise and increase user loyalty.

By selling your e-books, you will also collect contact information of your customers which you can use for email marketing and more sales.

Affiliate Marketing

If you are still undecided about which monetization method to choose and how to make money from blogging, start using an affiliate program of a well-known company.

Pick a company, partner with another brand, and earn a commission every time you sell a product.

Making money with an affiliate program is as follows:

  1. Place an affiliate banner or affiliate link on your site or offer your individual coupon code to your audience.
  2. The user follows this link and the system assigns them to you as a referred client.

You then get an affiliate commission upon the expiration of a certain period if a user who has followed the affiliate link has bought a product or service you advertise on your site.


Let's say you run a blog and don't want to sell or advertise anything. But you want to receive financial support as gratitude from your readers.

Then the easiest way to make money on a blog from scratch is to collect donations.

Most importantly, you need to motivate your readers to transfer money to you. To do this, create high-quality content, give your readers something valuable, interesting and unique.

Here are a couple of famous donation services that will make the donation process easier for your users:

Donations PayPal - you will be able to receive donations from all over the world and in any currency.

Patreon is an international service with paid content subscriptions.

At first, it will be difficult for you to estimate how much you can make from a blog. But the most important thing is to correctly combine and use monetization methods. To do this, it is important to understand who your audience is and how you will help them with your blog.

Now you know how to monetize your blog quickly and effectively. Choose some methods above (better more than one) and start learning big with your writing!