Instagram is starting to roll out Broadcast Channels, a brand-new feature that allows users to share content exclusively with their followers. The feature is so far available to a limited number of users and in the US only. According to Mark Zuckerberg, the platform will expand Broadcast Channels across more regions and users as well as add Broadcast Channels to Messenger and Facebook in the upcoming months.

What Are Instagram Broadcast Channels?

Broadcast Channels on Instagram are a new medium where Instagram creators, brands, and influencers can share news, text messages, create polls, reactions, make collabs with guest appearances, and more.

So far, only a few Broadcast Channels are available on Instagram, one of which is of Mark Zuckerberg, so you can join it to see what it looks like 👇 You can join it only on a smartphone.

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Instagram Broadcast Channels will be available in your DMs and can be accessed from the direct messages page. When the Channel's creator makes a new post there, you will get a new DM.

How to Create an Instagram Broadcast Channel

So far, only a few people can create Broadcast Channels on Instagram, so it's unlikely you have this feature available to you right away. You can surely join the existing channels, but so far, you can't create your own. We will update you once the feature is available to broader audiences.

How to Join an Instagram Broadcast Channel

As of February of 2023, you can join a Broadcast Channel from stories of the creator who launched it by pressing the Join button from their stories sticker. If you're not a follower, you can press the See Channel button, and the window that opens will offer you to follow the account. To see the content they share on the Broadcast Channel, you have to follow the user.

Here are the users whose channels you can currently join: Mikaela Shiffrin, @tank.sinatra, Karen X, Mackenzie Dern, and @gilbert_burns.

💡 Remember that you'll have to follow them first. Once you unfollow them, their Channel disappears from the Channels tab in DMs.

What Instagram Broadcast Channels Mean for Your Business & Instagram Growth

When Instagram launches new features, the first thing brands and influencers think of is how they can use it for followers growth and engagement.

We've given it some thought and now sharing ideas of how you can leverage Instagram Broadcast Channels for your business.

Instagram followers growth

Yes, that simple. Since the content published in Broadcast Channels is available to followers only and will barely be cross-posted on the feed as well, sharing a Broadcast Channel sticker in stories is an additional incentive to hit the Follow button on your page.

Exclusive deals & offers to Instagram followers

From time to time, you're thinking of sales and exclusive coupon codes for your Instagram followers, admit it. Well, now you can launch such special deals for followers in Broadcast Channels and make announcements in them specifically for those who follow you.

Share exclusive content with followers

Not only sales and discounts can be shared with followers in Broadcast Channels. They'll surely become a special place to post content you want only followers to see: your personal thoughts, polls, behind-the-scenes content, early access to new products, unreleased content, giveaways, and even collabs with guests.