With the possibility to manage up to 5 Instagram accounts on Combin Growth and Combin Scheduler, we in the Combin Team recommend using proxies to ensure safe Instagram growth experience.

Besides, before performing any automated Instagram activity, read our new guide on how to use automation tools without putting your Instagram page at risk.

Proxies use is essential for saving your Instagram accounts from getting banned and your activities suspected as spam-like.

This is why we offer proxies on dedicated hosting services, not shared ones, and those that are compatible with all Combin solutions.

With these proxies, you can easily make your activities look like taken from a different IP address and not get detected by Instagram, as the platform allows users to utilize only one IP address for an account.

All the proxies we recommend have been proved and tested by our team and are compatible with Combin Growth and Combin Scheduler

The proxies we suggest you should use are StormProxies, BuyProxies, and Proxy-Store.

For our users from China, we urge using these VPN providers instead: SurfShark, V2Ray, KeepSolid, StrongVPN, ExpressVPN, CyberGhostVPN, IPVanishVPN.

How to find proxies on the Combin apps?

To turn the proxies on, open any of the Combin apps, head over to Tools ->Preferences -> Proxy.

Choose a proxy host and fill in the information about it in the blanks. All these data you get once purchase a specific proxy. The providers give you the protocol type, host, port, username and login.

Click Save and repeat the same actions for all of your Instagram accounts authorized through the Combin apps.

You can surely use proxies from other providers, but in this case, we cannot guarantee the account connected through them won’t be suspected by Instagram.

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