In the light of news of the last 2 month about numerous huge Instagram followers gaining services being shut down, including the infamous Instagress and Mass Planer, Instagram brands began searching for alternatives. Handing over your account to automated bot services has always been convenient for getting a big and quick followers number boost, without a doubt. However, it is hardly ever worth it for brand recognition and interest from real customers.

Now that Instagram deactivated 18 millions of fake accounts and closed dozens of services that operate those accounts, Instagram community will hopefully become more real and reliable, while also make users of Instagress-like tools think about a strategy to gain genuine, organic community around their brand.

If you want to promote your brand on Instagram without manipulation, fake likes and followers, you should give Combin tool a go. Here are 5 major reasons why:

1. Combin is aimed to save time by automating actions Instagram brand owners have to do manually in order to determine their target audience and interacting with it.

2. Combin doesn’t violate Instagram activity limits with its smart task scheduling system, hence preventing your account from being banned.

3. Combin brings only genuine likes, comments, and followers, depending on your content’s quality and doesn’t deal with bots, chains of fake accounts, or other forbidden techniques.

4. Combin provides post preview and tracks posts you have already liked and commented, which saves your Instagram from looking like an automated bot account.

5. Combin was created by collective wisdom of competent developers and Instagram brands themselves to meet their own needs, and is flexible — you may suggest your own ideas about helpful features and they will be implemented.

Say a decided NO to fake Instagram followers gaining applications! Get genuine engagement and real followers with safe, free, and crossplatform Combin tool.