We are glad to announce we finally released a full version of Combin tool, which we created in collaboration with Instagram experts!

Ever since the initial beta release, we kept our ears open for all the suggestions and ideas (even crazy ones!) from our users. We combined the most requested and interesting ideas with technical improvements and a new modern and user-friendly design, thus coming up with a product created by collective wisdom of Instagram brand owners and competent developers from Combin team.

Main Features

Combin’s highlight functionality is an advanced search that allows performing searches by posts and users: posts can be found by either hashtag, date, location, or by a combination of all of them.

Here we performed the search for #Cocacola in Berlin, Germany.

User search allows searching by followers and commenters of particular Instagram accounts — brands may find the feature handy for looking up followers of their competitors and finding influencers.

Starbucks followers sorted by popularity

Advanced search helps finding the most relevant accounts and posts, with which user may start engaging right away from the tool. Combin provides automatic results refreshment, as well as various sorting and filtering features for user’s convenience.

User can leave single and mass likes and comments, as well as perform mass following and unfollowing.

Select few posts to leave the comment

Post preview function prevents from leaving out of place or repeated comments.

Smart scheduling system protects the user from reaching Instagram activity limits.

Pricing and compatibility

Combin is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

There are three pricing plans suitable for all both individuals and businesses:

Free — Ability to add 1 IG account, receive up to 50 search results.

Personal — 10 USD per month — 1 IG account, 500 search results with automatic update.

Business — 30 USD per month — Add 5 IG accounts, 500 of search results with automatic update.

Getting started for free now!

Future development plans

We are planning to further improve Combin, creating the ultimate tool for organic audience growth that not only meets the needs of Instagram brands, but becomes their irreplaceable work tool.

Upcoming versions of Combin will include such functionalities as statistics, direct messages and comments feeds, followers and other users lists management, and import to CRM systems.

Software update notifications will automatically pop up as soon as the new version is available.

Don’t hesitate to ask a question or share your feedback!