Combin development and support teams are literally bombarded with your requests and questions about new Combin release. Well, ta-daa! Combin 2.1 is already on its way and ready to conquer Instagram for you.

The new release is full of updated and cool features, so let’s move straight to the action.

Instagram Limits Display

You can now see how many limits on likes, comments, and follows are left for your account. The feature is visible within Tasks on the sidebar.

And at the bottom right corner of your Tasks tab.

Since Combin controls your daily limits, you can be 100% sure that you won’t get banned or flagged by Instagram. Combin works for you here and takes care of your comfortable and safe promotion experience.

Updated Photo Preview and New User Preview

This is how cards info looks now when you search by Posts. Apart from regular likes and comment count, it lets you see the caption, hashtags, and the number of followers.

Updated post information includes likes count, the number of comments and a geotag (if any). You can like or follow right there and tap the stated link to view the post within the native app.

And by pressing on the user’s name, you can get the profile info right next to the post you’re looking at.

New user preview allows you to see twelve last posts in the account and the full information about the user in bio.

Bio information is now visible after you simply put your cursor on the user icon when you search by User.

With these features implemented, the interface is now more convenient and friendly since you get more information about other Instagramers, their posts and even have a lower chance to get shadowbanned by Instagram with new limits display.

Search Copy

It’s never been easier.

Click on the search you want to copy, choose Create Copy from the menu and voila! You have identical search parameters which you can adjust as you wish.

Sound Notifications

You asked us to implement this feature, and we’re happy to obey. Now Combin tells you when your tasks are completed and searches are finished. You can let Combin notify you about its news and even let it play a sound! All you need to do is initially allow Combin to send notifications.

Your notifications within Combin look like on the picture above and inform you about the recently completed task.

Comment Time

Now when you search by comments and want your results to be more specific and relevant, you can choose how old the comments should be.

Apply the filter to the comments dated last month, last two weeks, last week, or last day.

New Limits Added

Search limits filters are updated according to your subscription plan. Now 250 and 750 are added and available for those with the subscription plan higher than Starter.


Another feature made after your requests. All of the hotkeys are divided into three categories based on their functions — View, Actions, and Selection. To look through all of the shortcuts, tap Help & Feedback button, find Keyboard Shortcuts and there you have it.

Combin 2.1 version is now available on the website. You can download the update for your Windows, Mac OS, or Linux, and feel free to share your thoughts, ideas, and offers.