Instagram never ceases to implement new features. We’re in Combin prepared some interesting insights on new Instagram updates that have not yet been released.

Comment Sharing

Users will soon be able to share any comment in the comments section via Stories, Direct, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. A programmer Jane Manchun Wong told about this update in her Twitter.

After the new feature implemented, the Share button will show up next to the Reply.

Stories Layout

Stories will soon have a Layout button. With this update, Instagrammers will be able to make collages with two, three, four, or eight photos with Story camera and camera roll. Take a look at the upcoming Layout grids below.

Stories icons will also have an updated and stylish look. Focus, Layout, Music, Stopmotion, and Superzoom will soon look like in the picture below.

Another small update is now about Boomerang. Boomerang is about to have six new modes — Classic, Hold, Dynamic, Slowmo, and two Duo modes.

Notification Filters

Now all the notifications on Instagram are collected in one place, which is not very convenient if you’re interested in a particular category of notifs. Instagram will show those categories of notifications that a user requires at the moment. All the notifs can be found in the Activity Tab.

It is by far unknown when these updates will be released and when we could test them all ourselves, but the insights found by Jane Manchun Wong in the Instagram code are rather exciting.

Jane Manchun Wong is a programmer from Hong Kong who unveils the unreleased social media features.