Followers section

Users tab has got completed by implementation of an essential Followers section.

The section contains a list of all account followers, that can be separated by groups of the ones user mutually follows and doesn’t follow. Just like following, followers can be sorted by name and number of followers.

All interaction, including liking of up to 10 most recent posts, commenting, following and unfollowing are available to perform directly from the section.

Change Your Location functionality

Combin users can change the location of the interest on new, interactive world map to make the location search suggestions more precise.

Most people interested in Instagram marketing, especially businesses, target exclusively accounts and posts related to specific locations. The location of interest may not always coincide with current user location.

The latter is most often used for relevant suggestions determination by the majority of different systems, which doesn’t prove to be useful when user is travelling or targeting places they don’t actually reside in.

Just pick a place of interest within the application and all further search suggestions will be based on the location of choice. The ability to search for places remote from the location of interest remains available.

Machine learning-enhanced user search filter

New search filtering ability is a solution for pointless interaction with Instagram accounts of celebrities, shops and spammers that always manage to be present among followers of all accounts and tagged within any location or hashtag imaginable. Weeding out accounts that won’t mutually interact or be genuinely interested in the content of Combin users was crucial for productive, time-saving application use.

Machine learning is now widely used on social media as it provides the most efficient means for analyzing and connecting millions of people. Combin team is moving with the time and planning to continue improving the application’s functionality with the help of the latest technologies.

You can download the latest 1.6.1 Combin version for your mac OS, Windows or Linux at