Combin development team has recently battled with the current Instagram changes, introduced after the loud Cambridge Analytics scandal. Instagram, along with Twitter, LinkedIn, Strava, and Soundcloud were updating the terms of service, changing privacy policies and making sure the rules are as transparent as possible and each and every user knows for a fact their information on the site is safe.

Additional layers of privacy were implemented to many major social media services, Instagram was not an exception. Changing the algorithms multiple times during the course of two weeks, Instagram caused Combin and many other Instagram growth services to go down. Luckily, against all odds, Combin developers managed to adapt the application to the changes, and on top of that, added new features — machine learning-enhanced user filter, Change Your Location feature, and the Followers section.

The implementation of convenient Followers section and machine learning-enhanced targeted audience search filter noticeably improved Combin user experience, according to feedback. What’s more, Combin team is preparing something special — five new long-awaited features are going to be added to the application!

1. Activity Statistics

Statistics section will provide an easy access to information about your account’s growth progress: how many followers, likes, comments have been received over the course of day, week, month, overall and within specific date range, which hashtags brought more engagement, and other reports useful for improvement of your marketing strategy. The better your strategy, the more effective and fast your account’s audience growth.

Combin already offers Instagram posts searching by location and has the Change Your Location feature for search suggestions improvement, but the new location search enhancement will take it to the next level. User will be able to pick a point on an interactive map of a place of his current location or business interest, and extend the search radius to the preferred size. Combin will gather all posts that were published within this radius.

3. Auto-tasks

Auto-tasks are going to save tons of time — no more repetetive searches and scheduling of the same action tasks every day. Set liking, commenting, or following tasks for the results of search by your go-to hashtags, relevant locations or by audience of specific Instagram accounts (read — your competitors). Choose how often the tasks should be performed by the application — daily, weekly or monthly. Combin will complete the task at the set time, taking the weight of the routine manual work off your shoulders.

Here’s an example how an auto-task for following can be customized and set:

4. Direct messages and comments inbox

All received replies, comments, text messages are going to be organized and easily managed from desktop. You will always be notified about new activity and be able to reply directly from the application by sending single or mass comments and messages.

5. Posts scheduling

After the implementation of this feature you might never touch Instagram mobile application again. Uploading photos, adding captures and queueing posts to be published on preferable time will be available right within Combin.

You can download the latest Combin version for your mac OS, Windows or Linux at