Instagram SMM is not as simple as it may seem to the unfamiliar people. Product promotion that relies on verbal communication in the place where all attention is concentrated on photos and videos is a difficult process. However, you can still make the most of it by following the recommendations below.

Many believe Instagram users get annoyed by long text posts under photos in their feed. Actually, long posts catch users’ attention in the sea of photos with meaningless captions. In order to make your text noticed and engaged with, follow these simple rules:

  • 1 post = 1 thought. It sounds simple, but many ignore this rule and lose followers as a result. For example, some write about the new collection, but also try to squeeze as much unrelated information about events and sales into that one post as only possible. Active users have short attention span, so you need to cover all the wanted points one dime at a time, otherwise users will get confused or bored and swipe to the next post in their feed or even unfollow you.
  • Make everything possible so your post doesn’t look like incomprehensible wall of text. It’s necessary to break the text into paragraphs, to use emojis, footers, spaces, hyphens, etc. to make it easy and pleasant to read.
  • Followers’ benefit should be any author’s priority. Don’t spend too much time looking for the best adjectives you can describe, say, your beauty salon with. There are lots of salons out there who hold themselves as the best on the market. Real buzz goes around the team members — people that make your client beautiful and whose skills is your best promotion as is. Focus on it, write about your team members’ experience and abilities, share their work with the audience, both sides will absolutely love it.
  • Having a question or a call to action at the end of the post is obligatory. Followers always need to be stimulated and motivated to action.

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