Ever since we released InstaHeads beta version, we have received lots of emails from our users who were curious to know about the difference between popular social media management tool Hootsuite and our application. While both applications were made for businesses to conveniently systemize social media interaction with their community, they do have some major differences.

If you are looking for an application that promotes your brand and keeps you in touch with the followers on Instagram, you should consider the following facts when choosing between InstaHeads and Hootsuite:

Hootsuite is a Swiss knife for numerous social networks, while InstaHeads is specialised on Instagram only.

InstaHeads’ being focused on only one social network helps businesses that rely mostly on Instagram to promote their product. InstaHeads provides many additional Instagram niche features, while Hootsuite lacks them due to covering multiple networks.

Hootsuite can’t leave bulk comments, likes and perform follow action. InstaHeads can do that!

Maintaining strong communication channel with your customers is a key to building a loyal and active community around your brand. Creating interesting eye-catching posts is essential, but it won’t pay off much without interaction. InstaHeads helps attracting attention of new potential customers and staying in touch with the current ones, while Hootsuite doesn’t offer such possibility.

Hootsuite can’t provide information about your following and followers, cannot unfollow users.

It’s important to have a quick access to list of people you follow and your followers to save the precious time.

InstaHeads tracks your community and your influencers in one tab, from which you can easily follow and unfollow people by different criteria.

InstaHeads provides combined search by hashtags and location, while Hootsuite doesn’t

This feature is important for convenient monitoring of brand awareness in particular locations, as well as keeping up with what’s popular among customers of your brand’s field.

Minimalistic design of InstaHeads vs Hootsuite’s messy interface

It seems to be only a matter of aesthetics at first, but it’s no news that having clean work space gives you much more concentration, which is a cornerstone of productive work. Hootsuite’s interface can be a little bit intimidating to new users due to chaos of tabs, icons and hidden menus they see at first. InstaHeads offers simple intuitive and interface that is drastically more user-friendly in comparison.

InstaHeads is free, while Hootsuite requires payments

Hootsuite’s free version provides basic features for only individual users, while businesses can only purchase variety of premium plans with all the needed functionality. On the other hand, InstaHeads is free for both individuals and brands.

Haven’t made your choice yet? Learn more about both services and try them out for yourself:

Register on Hootsuite — an online system for maintaining and scheduling posts to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and WordPress.

Download InstaHeads — a handy tool created for growing your brand’s Instagram community safely, fast, free and for good.