Automation tools undeniably aid in Instagram growth. Though no news that Instagram itself doesn’t approve any automated actions performed from an account. If several Instagram accounts seem to use automation tools and the same IP, the platform implements strict penalties to such users.

To promote multiple Instagram accounts with automation tools and don’t put your accounts at risk, you need to utilise different IP addresses. For this purpose proxy servers and VPNs exist. These precautions will ensure safety while you grow Instagram pages with the Combin tools.

What’s the difference between a proxy and a VPN?

We’ve recently told you about proxies you should use to provide safe Instagram promotion. So what is a meaningful difference between VPN and proxies?

Both of the services act in a similar way, but one of them doesn’t offer online privacy. Let’s briefly clarify what’s the difference between VPNs and proxies.


  • Hides your original IP address, so it looks like you perform online actions from somewhere else.
  • Works on an application level, which means that the traffic comes from a single app.
  • Doesn’t encrypt traffic, so all the data appear as they are.


  • Also hides your original IP address and reroutes internet traffic.
  • Works on an operating level and redirects your traffic, whether it’s coming from a browser or an application.
  • Encrypts all your traffic between the internet and your device providing ultimate online safety. It means that your internet service provider cannot track what you’re doing online; it can only see that you’re connected to a VPN.
  • Protects you from government-level blocks, government surveillance, and website traffic.
  • Hides browser history.

Which VPN to use to ensure safe Instagram growth?

To make your Instagram accounts promotion experience safer with Combin tools, you can use these VPNs.

All the VPNs stated below have been thoroughly tested by our team and are compatible with both Combin Growth and Combin Scheduler.

Freely utilise these VPNs to bypass government restrictions on using Instagram and protect multiple accounts from getting flagged.

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