Instagram doesn’t allow us to include a clickable link in a caption, right? That’s why we prepared an ultimate guide with eight other ways to drive traffic to your website from Instagram.

#1. Increase your website traffic with Instagram shopping features

Shoppable posts and stories on Instagram are now a casualty. Mostly, you see shoppable content on fashion or cosmetic brands accounts. But generally, these Instagram features work for any eCommerce business.

Shopping posts allow your customers to get all the information about a product by merely tapping on a post. So there’s no need in asking for prices in comments, and US users can even check-in right within the native app.

Those who have no such opportunity will need to visit your website to add a product to a shopping cart and check in on your website, increasing the traffic. Single Instagram shopping posts allow to tag up to 5 products, and carousels let you add up to to 20 items.

Apart from shoppable posts, you can also leverage shoppable Stories. All you need to do is to add a sticker that links to your product and drive traffic this way.

You can add your product tags in different languages if your website is localised.

Note though that Instagram shopping is eligible for Business accounts in 46 countries only, so if your country is not on the list, you can’t tag your products in posts and Stories unless using VPN or something similar.

The setup process is straightforward, and we’ve already covered it in one of our previous articles.

Since Instagram doesn’t let its users add clickable links in captions, you can add a custom link in your bio right when you plan your next publication using Combin Scheduler.

Add a link in bio when planning your next post in Combin Scheduler

With this feature, you don’t need to waste your time on adding the required link manually after the publication. Just type the link in the field under your caption, and it will appear in your bio automatically. Manual changing the link in bio each time when you want to lead the traffic to one specific page may be daunting, so this function will assist you a lot.

To do so, open Combin Scheduler, tap on the Posts tab and start the planning process. Select an image, choose a location, set date and time, write an engaging caption with a CTA and add a link to the landing page.

#3. Increase your website traffic with CTA in captions and bio

Social media managers include call-to-actions in their captions for a reason. CTA helps your followers perform a conversion action and explains what you need from them. When you simply tell about the product in your caption with no call to buy it or at least to find out more, your followers will percept it as plain informational text, with no intent to buy the product.

So each time when you tell about something in your captions with an intention to sell it, don’t just casually let people know about it but use CTAs to incite their interest.

You can also add a call-to-action in your bio. Just right above your link, add a call to read, register, buy or whatever to do to lead people to your website.

All of you probably know that you can add a link right in Instagram Story so that people could swipe it up and visit your website. But Instagram allows doing so with limitations: only accounts with more than 10,000 followers can add the swipe-up.

Add a link in bio when planning your next Story in Combin Scheduler

To those of you who haven’t 10k following yet, we can suggest the Stories Link in Bio feature in Combin Scheduler. The course of actions is already familiar to you: start planning your Story within the app, select the publishing date and time, and then add a custom link that will appear on your bio when the Story goes live.

Within the app, you can add multiple Stories in-bulk and add an individual link for each of them. So when you do other more important tasks, Stories will be published automatically and the link will be changed by default, as well.

#5. Increase your website traffic with Stories Highlights

Instagram Stories Highlights are a great way to prolong the 24-hour life of Stories, thus giving them more views.

As long as you can add everything in Highlights, you’d better include something valuable for your customers but at the same time, profitable for you.

For instance, you can add a highlight with your products or services, shipping and payment methods, your address, prices, and alike. If you have 10k or more followers and you’re eligible to pin a link right in these Highlights, do so to drive the website traffic.

Don’t forget to update the Highlights, however. Otherwise, your new followers will get useless information, and this will lower the conversions.

#6. Increase your website traffic with ads

Organic or automated promotion is all good when it comes to Instagram page growth. Still, it’s silly to deny that now it’s impossible to elevate your account without paid ads significantly.

Instagram sponsored posts that include a website link by default are an actionable way to boost webpage traffic. If your target ads are set up correctly, your revenue from sells will exceed the costs spent on ads.

The trick is to define your target audience and a similar audience properly, then you will hit the bullseye.

#7. Increase your website traffic with influencers

Instagram influencers typically have a loyal and engaged audience that is ready to listen to their favourite bloggers and buy what they recommend. No matter if it’s a blogger with more than a million followers or a nano-influencer with 2k if the audience is engaged, you will undeniably increase sales or, at least, brand awareness.

An influencer can be not just a random blogger that recommends your products, but a brand ambassador. In this case, you can be sure that sales will grow drastically.

To make that happen, you need to make sure you fulfil two conditions:

  1. The influencer is relevant to your brand and audience.
  2. The influencer’s audience is real and engaged people, not bots.

#8. Increase your website traffic with UGC

User-generated content can sell everything. It’s a psychological trigger that all of us are subject to. When we see that people like we buy something, and they like it so much that even share reviews on a product, we assume the product is worth purchasing.

Monitor what people tell about your products on social media and reward them for sharing feedback. For instance, you can offer a discount to those who tag you on a post with your product or feature them on your account. Some of them can later become your brand ambassadors.

Remember, you don’t buy this endorsement from people, but you can reward them afterwards.

When organically made good feedback is spread out on your Instagram page, it works as social proof and convinces your audience to try out your high-quality product.

, you’ll find 135k posts with UGC that the company uses for its benefit

Clothing brand River Island caters to user-generated content on Instagram and features its customers on the page. Besides, they have a CTA in the bio that encourages people to use a brand hashtag while posting photos in the River Island clothes.

The bottom line

In social media marketing, there’s no one-fits-all approach. If one strategy works well for some business, it doesn’t mean it will work equally well for your business. That’s why you need to test every strategy or a tip you hear.

If one of your Instagram marketing goals is to increase website traffic, try all of the tips we provide in this article and use tools like Combin Scheduler to make your marketing even more productive.

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