Unusual custom fonts can help you stand out from the Instagram crowd and attract new followers to your page. The official Instagram app or its web version don’t allow you to choose a custom font and change the default one; the only exception is Instagram stories.

However, if you read this article till the end, you’ll learn how to use different fonts in Instagram captions, bio, stories and even comments.

Why Change Instagram Fonts

You have probably already seen Instagram profiles with fancy fonts that look much different from the default one. Your Instagram profile is your landing page, your digital face that contains your Insta personality in it: your story, your interests, your bio, number of posts you've made, followers and followings counts.

And unfortunately, you can't make the first impression twice, so you need to think everything through to make new audience become your clients. Visual aesthetics and fonts can help you do exactly that.

So, in a nutshell, what do you need different Instagram fonts for?

  • To stand out

Instagram is a visual social media platform. Many designers, creators, and artists use it to showcase their work. Similarly, many brands and influencers are striving for attention by highlighting their creativity.

With that in mind, the competition level is incredibly high on Instagram.

Using custom fonts is one of the ways to make your Instagram look different from the others and stand out.

Custom Instagram bio by @bykatieeve
  • To showcase your aesthetics

Instagram wants you to experiment with content thus attracting more people to the platform. It offers so many ways to do that, including different content types like IGTV, Guides, Reels and more.

Changing your page fonts is not a built-in option, yet you still leverage it to showcase your creativity.

  • To stay on top of the latest trends

Instagram is a fast-paced platform with trends and challenges popping up one after another. These trends have a direct impact on what you do on Instagram and which content you publish; you just can't stick to one trend for a long time - this will make your audience get bored and unfollow.

Using custom fonts on Instagram is currently among the trends used by influencers and brands. This means that it is time to give it a try.

How to Use Different Instagram Fonts with Combin Scheduler

There are plenty of services and apps that help you change fonts on Instagram. Free Combin Scheduler is one of them.

To use the app, you need to download it on your PC or Mac and install it. After the installation, you are eligible to use its full functionality without a penny taken from your wallet.

Change Font in Your Instagram Post

To do so, open the just installed Combin Scheduler on your PC or Mac and log in with your Instagram credentials.

You will be redirected to the main window of the app. Firstly, start making a post by pressing the 'Add New Post' button.

Since the app has the scheduler in its name, apart from changing the fonts, it can plan and publish Instagram content for you, repost other users' content, help you plan Instagram grid layout and add a link in your bio.

Let's focus on the fonts customisation, however.

To add a custom font to your post, just enter your caption to the text window and select the text (excluding emojis). Then head over to the bottom layer with fonts options.

Click on any font you wish, and your caption will change its look. You can also combine two or more fonts to create your own unique font!

Note that the font change is currently available for the English letters only!

Now start making a post through Combin Scheduler or just copy the caption to post it on your Instagram publication, story or even a comment.

Best Practices to Use Custom Fonts on Instagram

You can add custom fonts to Instagram stories, bio, captions and even IGTV title and description.

Instagram Captions

If you want to leverage custom fonts in your Instagram captions, here are the best tips how to do so to get maximum attention from your audience.

Here's what you can highlight with fonts in your Instagram captions.

  1. Title

You have probably seen influencers and brands who use CAPS LOCK to attract your attention to an Instagram post. Well, a beautiful font is an elegant alternative to this obsolete trick.

This looks aesthetic and appealing.

2. Brand name, product name or any name at all

If you talk about your product, service, brand, event or anything else worth highlighting, use bold font to attract users' attention to it.

3. Question

If you ask questions in your captions to increase your engagement, you can use bold letters to emphasise it, regardless of where you place it - at the begging of the caption or at the end.

Remember that people initially look at those words written in a custom font and only then at the rest of your caption (if at all). So make sure you choose the most important part to draw attention to.

Instagram Name and Username

Original font in the name or username focuses all attention on its owner when other people search for users on Instagram. This increases your chances to get discovered by lots of people and being followed by them.

Instagram Stories

To use different fonts in stories, you don't even need any third-party apps or services. Instagram has an in-app fonts editor that allows you to change fonts right when you make a story.

Instagram Bio Fonts

Instagram bio is your introduction and positioning. Right from your bio your potential followers get the answer to a question of who you are and if you're worth being followed.

Minimalistic and aesthetic fonts like thin italic look extremely good in bio.

Note that Instagram doesn't always detect texts written in other fonts, so it cannot translate such texts. The more sophisticated your font, the more difficult this is for Instagram to identify the caption correctly.

3 other tips to keep your custom fonts on the right track:

  • Don't forget about your overall page aesthetics and pick your fonts carefully. Always think about what feels most appropriate for your brand, account and aesthetics. Or you can ask an in-house or a freelance designer on how to choose the right font properly.
  • Use custom fonts in moderation and stick to one font style. Use custom fonts for key calls to action, headers, questions and emphasis.
  • Utilise fonts that are easy to read. When picking the right font for your account, make sure you can easily read any text you type on both desktop and mobile.

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