What do you do immediately after you post a Story on Instagram? If you spend the next few minutes scrutinizing the image and checking the list of viewers, you're not alone. And I'm not the only one who curiously updates that list with you! Tens of thousands of users around the world are obsessed with Stories, watching them and their viewers — just look at the popularity of queries like "Instagram Story Viewer", “how to get more views on Instagram Story” and similar keywords.

The presence and absence of an Instagram account username in the list of Story viewers can both bring new followers and hide (or give away) the account’s stalking of a former partner or a current crush. Instagram does not provide users with native features for managing the visibility of their views or scheduling Stories in bulk for the future. Luckily, there are hundreds of different solutions on the market of third-party Instagram services. We'll talk about the three best of them.

In terms of the amount and diversity of features, these 3 Instagram Story apps alone can replace a dozen of different services for Instagram, including marketing tools and content downloaders. Intrigued? Then let's get right into it!

#1 Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer — 4K Stogram

4K Stogram is a desktop application for anonymous Instagram Story viewing and mass Story downloading. Not only does it have everything needed for concealing your views and getting high-quality images and videos from Stories, the service covers plenty of Instagram media-related tasks.

Why You Should Try It

100% anonymity. The application doesn’t give away your viewing under any circumstances. You can securely spy on the Stories of any Instagram user.

Mass Story saving. Download all available Stories at once, even from multiple Instagram accounts simultaneously.

Automatic new Stories download. Since you subscribe to downloading future updates, you can save them right after they are uploaded to Instagram without lifting a finger.

Ad-free Instagram feed viewing. Get new posts and Stories from the accounts you follow without the annoying sponsored posts.

Other Instagram accounts’ feed viewing. See the feed of any Instagram user just like they see in from their end.

Instagram Highlights download. Save contents of the Highlights section from any Instagram account, including Highlights icons.

Instagram Saved posts download. Move the entire collection of posts you bookmarked on Instagram to your hard drive.

Regular Instagram posts saving. Get photo and video posts mass downloaded with original captions, in high quality and resolution.

Hashtag and location content saving. Browse and download posts tagged within particular Instagram hashtags and geolocations.

Private Instagram accounts access. Download Instagram Stories, Highlights, photo and video posts from private Instagram accounts you follow.

Full Instagram account backup. Create a copy of all your Instagram media in case something happens to your account or you decide to delete it.

#2 Instagram Mass Story Viewer — Combin Growth

Combin Growth is a desktop application that enables you to mass view Instagram Stories. Mass Story viewing is a social media marketing technique that implies fake-watching Stories of many accounts as a means to get more Instagram profile visitors and followers. A specialized service like Combin Growth is ‘watching’ Stories instead of you. Basically, it’s writing your Instagram username into the viewer lists without you having to actually see the Stories.

The service ‘views’ Instagram Stories at a natural pace, gradually covering all accounts selected for mass looking. However, Combin Growth is a lot more than just an auto Story viewer. It’s a feature-rich, versatile Instagram marketing tool that allows for target audience search, user analysis, and organic attraction of new followers and customers.

Why You Should Try It

Mass Instagram Story fake-viewing. Grab attention to your account by making it look like you’ve watched Stories of your current audience, potential followers, and any other Instagram users of interest.

Mass following, liking, and commenting. Automate all mundane activities that bring engagement to your account.

Powerful Instagram audience search. Target Instagram accounts and posts of potential followers via relevant hashtags and locations, as well as among the active audience of your competitors. Specify gender, language, following/followers size the accounts you look for should match.

Instagram account analysis. Determine users unlikely to engage with your content (spam accounts, celebrities, etc.) and filter them out. Save the limited Instagram daily actions for users that can give back.

Numerous sorting and filtering options. Change the order of Instagram posts or users, interact with the most interesting ones first. Sift out irrelevant accounts and content.

Who doesn’t follow back detection. Find out which Instagram accounts don’t mutually follow you and set a mass unfollowing task of such users.

Growth and performance statistics. Check the progress of your audience growth, see how active you and your followers have been over different periods of time.

Multiple Instagram accounts management. Connect and grow up to 15 accounts at the same time.

Permanent free version availability. Use the major functionality of the service free of charge, without limited trial periods or giving out credit card information.

#3 Instagram Story Scheduler & Visual Planner — Combin Scheduler

Combin Scheduler is a desktop content planner for Instagram, suitable for Windows, Mac and Linux users. The application allows for visually planning and scheduling numerous Instagram posts and Stories for future auto-publication. What makes Combin Scheduler different from other Instagram content planners, is that it’s completely free. No secret charges, you get all of the features unlimited without paying a dime.

Why You Should Try It

Automated publishing. Just drop pictures, set date and time — your posts will be up on Instagram, no reminders to do it yourself.

Planning ahead + instant posting. Schedule publications for later or post them right away.

Instagram Stories mass upload. Create dozens of Stories in just a couple of clicks.

Locations, hashtags & accounts tagging. Add relevant information to your future posts.

Link in bio addition. Change the link in bio coincidently with a new post’s upload.

First comment addition. Reserve the first comment under your post for a hashtag cloud or other info.

Caption templates creation. Make templates of post captions for easier future use.

Reposts scheduling. Plan publication of user-generated content with the original caption and source.

Grid layout preview. See how the planned posts fit together on the in-app calendar and change their positions if needed.

15 Instagram accounts support. Schedule Stories and posts for multiple accounts simultaneously.