Combin is an organic Instagram growing tool, it doesn’t artificially drive up the number of likes, comments and followers.
The growth of the account managed through Combin, depends on the frequency and quality of the account’s owner interaction with the rightly targeted audience.

Pile up the most relevant to your Instagram account’s content hashtags and usernames of Instagram accounts that produce content that is related to what you do. Perform searches by hashtag, by hashtag+location, and by followers and commenters of your account’s competitors to find interesting posts and potential followers.

Sort and filter the search results to engage with the most popular accounts first, exclude private accounts and people you already follow.

Follow new accounts, like and comment last publications of accounts and posts you found through search, use comment templates to save comments you may use again and to leave multiple comments contaning different text in batch.

Hide accounts that continue to pop up in the search results, track the accounts you unfollowed and never follow them back again.

Detect the accounts that don’t mutually follow you and unfollow them.

Add important Instagram accounts to Safe list to protect from unfollowing them by mistake during mass unfollowing tasks.

Combin doesn’t work from cloud and has to be opened at least in tray in order to process the scheduled tasks.

The application works from user’s IP address and peforms tasks accordingly to individual Instagram hourly and daily limits at a pace that doesn’t bring any suspicion you automate the actions of your account.

In case a big number of tasks was added or a few massive ones, it may take a while for them to be processed. 
Speed up the tasks by setting either Optimal or Risky action intensity at Tools > Preferences > Activities > Intensity. Note that picking Risky leads to faster Instagram limits reaching.

Create multiple small tasks for each action (15–30 likes/comments/follows/unfollows per task) rather than a couple of massive ones, to make the task progress faster.

Continue to gradually schedule more and more tasks each day/week and the amount of possible Instagram actions for your account will be increasing. Combin will respectively be able to process more tasks hourly and daily as well.