Black Friday and Cyber Monday are already behind the door and lots of other special events are coming up all year long! As an aspiring Instagram brand there is a necessity for you make a plan for holidays as they may bring quite a number of new interested heads to your community who will not only engage with your Instagram account, but also buy your goods.

InstaHeads team has piled up some helpful tips for brands who use Instagram medium to promote their product!

  1. It may sound banal, but you need to prepare for each holiday in advance! Moreover, in different countries the holidays and sales dates may vary. Please make sure to check this wikipedia link if your business operates in different countries.

2. Holiday is always a great occasion for running competitions on Instagram! Be sure to include your unique hashtag associated with the brand. Ask your followers to add it to their posts, so you can easily track all the participants and choose the winner later. You may ask your followers to post their Christmas decoration ideas or favorite Christmas food with your hashtag to win some of your brand’s ‘treats’, for instance. You can easily search by particular hashtag in InstaHeads to get results quickly!

3. When such big shopping events like Christmas Sale happen, be sure it’s a perfect time to post information about discounts and special offers. Include a coupon code right in the body of your post. Yes, Instagram doesn’t allow posting direct links anywhere besides personal information bar, but coupons can be published, and then you will be able to track the number of purchases that were made if the code was unique for Instagram community only.

4. Find customers located specifically in your area and nearby with the help of InstaHeads application and contact them to offer a unique new customers exclusive deal.

5. Take a short video from your store or business location and upload it either as a post or as an Instagram Story. Let your followers see your cooking and decorating for the holiday, this will encourage them to visit you!

6. Use the filters of the season when editing your photos — summer is good for bright filtes full of light and color, fall and winter is time for more vinette, cool and soft tones. Carefully piled pictures of the same fashion will create an impression of a professional and stylish profile, while randomly posted photos with floppy editing won’t look as appealing to potential customers.

7. Let clients generate content for you! Make a post about giving a discount for each Instagram post about your product with the brand’s hashtag.

8. Don’t forget about the omnichannel. Run an advertising campaign with a recognizable message on all platforms: social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, TV and radio ads, banner advertising. You can ever appeal to subscribe to your Instagram to get latest deals and offers.

All these approaches were tested numerous times by Instagram brands and celebrities and are proved to be working like magic. Don’t miss on a great opportunity to make the most out of this winter and Christmas season!

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Stay tuned for more Instagram marketing tips and tricks!