You’ve surely seen these Instagram posts that have two authors. Well, if you have and have also wondered how to make such posts, this article is for you.

These posts are basically the Instagram Collabs feature, a relatively new functionality that allows you to make joint or collab posts with other accounts, co-authoring with brands and influencers.

This piece reveals how to make joint posts, why you should try them, and in which cases collab posts can do wonders for Instagram marketing.

What Is an Instagram Collab Post?

An Instagram collab, or joint post is a single feed post or Reel that has two authors. One user creates the post and invites another to collaborate. When the second user accepts the invitation, the post, as well as its likes and comments are shared by both accounts.

You can invite only one co-author to the post. According to Instagram itself, a joint post means for both authors the following:

  • Both your and another author’s names will appear on the post's header.
  • Both your and your co-author’s followers will see this post on their feeds.
  • This post will appear on your profile’s grid and the co-author’s.
  • Both you and the co-author will see the post’s statistics and engagement (likes, comments, and shares).

Now let’s see how a collab post can boost your reach and engagement on Instagram.

Why Use Instagram Collab Posts?

Instagram joint posts have a line of advantages for your account. Such as these.

Expand Instagram Account Reach

By collaborating with another Instagram account or influencer, you tap into their existing audience, allowing your content to reach a wider group of people who might not have been familiar with your account yet. This exposure can lead to an increase in followers, likes, and engagement on your posts as the post pops up in both co-authors’ followers’ feeds.

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Boost Engagement

Joint posts generate higher engagement compared to regular feed posts or Reels. When two accounts collaborate, their followers are excited about the collaboration, This results in more likes, comments, and shares, which in turn boosts your post's visibility on Instagram's algorithm, potentially attracting even more engagement from new users.

Besides, co-authors share comments and likes, which means that when the followers of your co-author comment on a post, you will see these comments as well and can reply.

Diversify Content

Collaborating with others can inject freshness and variety into your content. By working with different individuals or brands, you can offer your audience a broader range of perspectives, styles, and topics. This variety can attract new followers who are interested in the collaborative content, leading potential long-term growth for your Instagram account.

Network with Other Brands & Creators

Collab posts allow you to connect and build relationships with other content creators, influencers, or brands in your niche. These connections can open doors for future collaborations, shoutouts, or partnerships, expanding your reach and influencing the growth of your page.

When planning joint posts, it's essential to choose co-authors whose audience aligns with your target demographic. This ensures that the collaboration is mutually beneficial, boosts the discoverability, and the likelihood of attracting engaged followers who have a genuine interest in your content.

Avoid Reposts & Duplicate Content

Collab posts make it easier for brands and creators to share content where both sides are featured without duplicating and reposting. What’s more, the shared analytics allows you to estimate how the post or Reel performs without requesting Insights screenshots from your collaborator. Both of you can monitor and reply to comments, thus increasing engagement even further.

How to Create a Collab Post on Instagram

To create a collab feed post or Reel, start making an Instagram post as you normally would and invite a collaborator to share it:

1. Create a feed post or Reel as usual.

2. Select Tag People in the post details menu.

3. Pick Invite Collaborator.

4. Find the Collaborator in the search field.

5. Tap Done as you found one.

6. Polish the remaining details and hit Share.

Note that you can’t invite a collaborator after the post is published. You can only invite a co-author before publishing the collab post or Reel. If you’ve forgotten to invite a co-author, you’ll need to delete the post and send the invitation when creating it anew.

How to Accept Invitations to a Collab Post

When someone invites you to become a collaborator, you'll see a notification on the Activity page. To accept the invitation, do the following:

  1. Go to your Activity page.
  2. Click on the invite notification.
  3. Hit Review.
  4. Tap Accept if you want to accept the invitation.

Now, before you make a joint post on Instagram, pay attention to these things.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Sharing a Joint Post on Instagram

There’s a list of nuances you should know before making a collab post on the platform, that Instagram points out. Here they are.

You can use Instagram Collabs to co-author content with other accounts. The public original author can tag another private or public account as a collaborator. Then, the other account can either accept or deny the request. If the other account accepts, the post will also show on their profile and be distributed to their followers in Instagram feed. The post's header will attribute the content to both accounts. Note that the original author can add or remove a collaborator at any time.

Here are a few specifications to bear in mind about Instagram co-authored posts:

  • The original author is the post's primary author. If the original author blocks the collaborator or the collaborator blocks the original author, the collaboration will end. The collaborator can also leave the collaboration at any time. However, in all of these cases, the post will still be preserved on the original author's profile.
  • The original author's account settings will determine the settings for the post. If the original author switches their account to private, only their account's followers can see the post.
  • The original author owns the post. If the original author deletes the post, it will be removed from the collaborator's profile as well.
  • The original author's account maintains the post. If the original author deactivates their account, the post no longer exists. It will be removed from the collaborator's profile as well. However, if the original author reactivates their account, the post will be restored on both the original author's and the collaborator's profile.

When You Should Opt for Collab Post on Instagram

How to get the most out of an Instagram collab post? We have an answer for that, too.

First and foremost, choose the right partner. Select a collaborator whose audience matches yours in demographics, interests, values, etc. Look for accounts within a similar niche, audience size, engagement rate, and content style. A well-matched collaborator will skyrocket the chances of attracting relevant and engaged followers to your page.

And here are the specific cases when you can leverage collab posts to your advantage.

Product Launch or Promotion

Collab posts can be highly effective when launching a new product or promoting an existing one. Partnering with an influential account or another brand in your industry allows you to tap into their audience and leverage their credibility. By featuring the product in a joint post, you can generate buzz, create anticipation, and drive sales.

For example, a clothing brand collaborating with a popular fashion blogger, or an electronics company partnering with a tech reviewer can showcase the product's features, styling options, or real-life usage scenarios, leading to increased awareness and conversions.

Promote your other accounts

If you have more than one Instagram account, you can promote one of them in a collab post 'partnering' with another. For instance, you have a main brand account and another one for customer support, vacancies and office life, or even your CEO who you want to tell about. For that, you can create a joint post, too, and increase awareness among your audience.

Awareness Campaigns

Joint posts can be an excellent medium in raising awareness about a social cause or a charity campaign. Brands can partner with nonprofits, activists, or influencers who advocate for the same cause to amplify the message and engage a broader audience. The collab post educates the audience, drives engagement, and encourages them to support the cause.

Content Collaboration & Education

Brands can partner with experts, professionals, or niche-specific influencers to share knowledge, tips, tutorials, or industry insights.

Collaborative posts can be tailored to specific marketing objectives and cater to the unique needs and goals of each brand. By identifying the right opportunities and partners, you can leverage collab posts to boost your brand's visibility, engage your audience, and achieve your marketing goals effectively.