Instagram receives massive data volumes each day: millions of users upload photos and videos every second, so it's quite tricky to ensure a 100% flawless workflow. No wonder that from time to time, various errors occur, including ‘Instagram couldn’t refresh feed’.

Let’s talk about five possible reasons why it happens and how you can resolve the issue. The tips given below are helpful for both iOS and Android devices.

Why Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed

1. Internet issues

Poor Internet connection is the most common reason why you may see the error. But the good thing is that this can be easily resolved, sometimes even with no efforts from your end.

Poor Wi-Fi or mobile connection, low speed, provider issues on their end might be the reason why Instagram can't refresh your feed.

2. Instagram in-app errors and glitches

Just like other social media, Instagram isn't perfect, and sometimes the reason for errors of all kinds is Instagram itself.  

To check if Instagram is down, you can use services like DownDetector or regularly check Instagram’s official Twitter account, where they update users about current trouble.

3. Outdated mobile app version

If you encounter any issues with Instagram and have excluded bad Internet connection and Insta glitches, make sure your app is up-to-date because sometimes, the reason is just that.

If you have the auto-update on, the apps automatically install new versions. Otherwise, you need to upload new versions on your own.

4. Old smartphone or OS

The outdated app version can cause trouble using the application, but your smartphone's OS needs to be regularly updated as well.

If that's the case — your smartphone OS needs to be updated — then this may be the reason why you have issues with Instagram and other services.

Check if your personal data hasn't been stolen or hacked or Instagram hasn't disabled your account.

Besides, if you log in on several devices at once or even use third-party tools to log in, it may freeze when updating the feed.

Instagram Not Refreshing: Here’s How To Fix It

Re-establish your internet connection

Make sure your mobile data or Wi-Fi is turned on and works well. Try using other apps or open various pages on the net. Besides, don't forget to check if you've paid for the services this month. If there are any issues with the Internet, get in touch with your service provider.

Restart your smartphone

Sounds generic but this may actually work.

Clear the cache

Many temporary files are saved in your phone's memory when you use mobile apps - a cache. These files do not carry important and valuable information, so don’t be afraid to delete them.

🟣 Here’s how to clear the cache on Android:

Step 1. Hold the Instagram icon and select the About the application tab.

Step 2. In the window that opens, choose Memory.

Step 3. Click on the Clear cache button. Don’t mix it up with the Clear data button; otherwise, you’ll permanently delete useful and important information.

🟣 Here’s how to clear the cache on iOS:

Step 1. Open the settings. Find General.

Step 2. Select iPhone Storage.

Step 3. Find the Instagram app among other applications.

Step 4. Click on the Clear cache button. If there is no such button, then delete the application and download it again.

Set up auto-update for apps

With auto-update configured, you will always have the latest available version of the Instagram application on your smartphone.

🟣 Here’s how to set up the auto-update on Android:

Step 1. Open Play Market.

Step 2. Go to the Settings tab.

Step 3.  Select Connection settingsAuto-update applications and enable the auto-update.

🟣 Here’s how to set up the auto-update on iOS:

Step 1. Open the settings.

Step 2. Go to the App Store.

Step 3. In the Automatic Downloads section, enable Apps and App Updates.

Reinstall the app

If updating the app doesn't help, try reinstalling it.  

Update the smartphone OS

Sometimes Instagram doesn't work properly if your OS or the entire device is outdated.

🟣 Here’s how to update the OS on Android:

Step 1. Go to your smartphone's settings.

Step 2. Open the About phone tab or any other similar one (depending on your smartphone model).

Step 3. Check whether there are updates for your operating system.

Step 4. If updates are available, install them.

🟣 Here’s how to update the OS on iOS:

Step 1. Go to iPhone settings and select General.

Step 2. Select the Software Update section and download the new update files, following the instructions on your screen.

Buy a new device

Regarding the 'buy the new device' advice, we're not sure if that’s really worth saying, but the solution is simple: you need to update the operating system or buy a new smartphone.

Check if your Instagram account has been hacked

Step 1. Go to Instagram settings (profile → burger menu → Settings).

Step 2. Go to the Security tab.

Step 3. Click on Login Activity.

Analyse active sessions and locations where you logged into your profile. If you notice suspicious locations that you have not been to at the specified time, it is recommended to change the password.

If your Instagram account has been disabled, you will see this message on your screen when logging in.

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