Check an influencer before paying.

Combin has released a new service — Instacheck, an Instagram account audit for individuals, brands and influencers. With InstaCheck, Combin intends to help entrepreneurs, influencers and regular Instagram users enhance their Instagram marketing by offering a thorough review and exclusive advice given by Combin social media expert.

The innovative feature of the audit is that it is run by an AI and a human expert, not by artificial intelligence or a bot alone.

“The idea behind InstaCheck was to help those who want to monetize their Instagram accounts realize what works for their profiles and what doesn’t,” says Anna Semyanova, Combin social media expert and an InstaCheck analyst.

InstaCheck allows advertisers to examine their own accounts’ or influencer’s quality, and influencers can prove their trustworthiness to brands after the audit. The report compiles an overall profile review, caption, hashtags, and engagement analysis, content examination and posts ideas, and an analysis of branding, tone of voice and aesthetics.

Users can apply for the InstaCheck audit now.